There are a lot of people, who are fascinated about developing iPhone /iPad applications as the mobile app development industry is expanding day-by-day. You can see indie developers for small businesses, big publishers, app enthusiasts and advertising agencies, who are very much interested in developing iPhone apps.

However, if you have also decided to develop your own iOS application, no need to bother as this blog contains everything that you want while developing, testing, marketing, analyzing and refining your application. Go through this blog and find 15 wonderful tools that can help iOS developers and professional to design and develop a perfect app.

Part 1


Cocoa Controls

Cocoa Controls provide an excellent list of components (code) that you can easily use in your iOS applications. However, you can find wonderful pieces of code, which can save your time. In other times, you can also learn how other developers are accomplishing some features. You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get latest and updated information.



Pttrns is considered as the best library of iOS screen designs categories by a task. For instance, if you wanted to see how other applications are handling activity feeds, it is the best tool that can help you to see a lot of examples.



Among different iOS tools, Mocks is an extremely easy yet simple to use tool for developing a quick mockup of an iOS application. The tool offers various default controls that you can use to assemble something very instantly.



Sketch is a vector-based drawing tool, which caught the attention of lots of people worldwide. These days, this tool becomes extremely useful as screen sizes and pixel densities change. Often this tool can be used to design and offers huge freedom to scale up & down as required.



Glyphish is the best thing to opt for as it has a marvelous collection of rich quality icons for your iOS apps. However, the company is not offering huge built-in icons, so it is better to have an array of icons covering different types of concepts.



PaintCode is a vector-based drawing tool, which exports your artwork as the equivalent core graphics source code. This high-end tool is a great for learning how Core Graphics drawing works, but it is also the best if you want your drawing to be dynamic.


Skala Preview

When it comes to talking about Skala Preview, it is the best tool for instantly showing your designs off on a real device. This tool is known for sending lossless, color accurate image previews to any iOS device. However, previews are pixel perfect and colors are identical to how the final app or website will appear on the device.



P4merge is a free alternative to Kaleidoscope, and it is a powerful 3-way merge, but good luck searching the download link. However, this tool is hidden deeper in the website every time and allows you to visualize the differences between file versions.


Source Tree

Source Tree is a free and full-featured Git app, so say goodbye to the command line and make use of the full capability of Git and Mercurial in the SourceTree desktop app. Through SourceTree’s simple interface, you can easily manage all your repositories, hosted or local.



Through this high-end tool, you are capable of crushing and uncrushing PNG files that are handy when you want to view pictures contained in app bundled distributed in the App Store. You just have to open iTunes, view the local Apps list and have to right click on the icon to show in Finder.



AppCode is the most powerful and full-fledged tool that refactorings and features to help you out in writing code a lot faster. You can instantly recognize dead code and mechanically insert #import statements at the time of using related code, methods and classes.



Are you in look for generating documentation, which looks like Apple’s? No worries as you can mechanically inter-links symbols that are defined in your project and extract dicussion to output with the help of formatted code-comments. You can generate official docsets and HTML websites.



DCIntrospect is an advanced iOS tool that your would link inside your application while running in debug and on the simulator. You can easily press the spacebar in order to get some help once you do that. You can see exact dimensions of different elements on the screen and even nudge views horizontally or vertically.


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