You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to earn money anymore. Simply logging into your social media accounts can help you make some extra cash on the side.

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Market your copywriting and editing skills on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Your tweets and posts are great proof of your language competency, and you can use your creativity and competence to land online freelance writing and editing gigs.


YouTube Monetizing

Love making and posting videos? Earn money from it by joining the YouTube Partner Program. This program places advertisements on your videos, enabling you to earn money through shared revenue each time a viewer watches your ad and video.


Creating Apps

If you're a software developer or even just possess a basic knowledge of programming, you can earn a lot of money by making apps. Join app-making contests or even apply for grants, such as Mark Zuckerberg's fbFund that offers prizes of up to $250,000 to app developers.


Amazon Affiliate

If you have an opinion on any product you're using, you can share your reviews on Amazon to increase your Klout score, which ranks how active you are in participating in social media. You can earn up to 10 percent in commission using your Amazon Associate affiliate code on all your product reviews in social media. When people purchase Amazon goods using your affiliate link, you earn money.


Living Abroad Specialist

Your social media posts can reflect your knowledge on various aspects of living abroad, such as the best areas to live, housing costs, and immigration policies. Such knowledge is valuable for travelers and students alike.


Selling Your Home Online

If you want to sell your home, post pictures of it on social media to garner interest. Once you have a hooked audience, mention casually that it's for sale. These people will clamor to buy your home.


Online Personal Trainer

Post engaging articles about health and wellness to establish yourself as a fitness expert. Make your own blog, or post training videos on YouTube. Once you have a fan base established, develop an online personal training service by using Skype or other similar video-sharing service.


Sponsored Tweets

If you have a huge number of followers on Twitter, then you may want to apply for sponsored tweets from the company of your choice. You just need to write tweets based on the company's guidelines, and the company will then pay you for each related tweet you post.


Social Media Manager

Many business owners understand the importance of social media for their advertising, but they don't know where to start when it's time to prepare profiles for their companies. That's where social media managers step in; they know the ins and outs of social media and help companies get the marketing that they want.


Social Media Trainer

You can educate other people on the perks of social media by becoming a social media trainer. There are still plenty of people who get stuck while posting a picture or even logging in, so your guiding hand will be of huge help to them.


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