You might be facing a digestive problem, or it may be something more serious like a digestive disorder (e.g. acid reflux or bloating of the stomach). In either case, a remedy is essential because this is not something you can live with on a regular basis, right? So, what is the 100% natural solution to your digestion problems? No worries --- fruit juices get your back.

Best Fruit Juice for Digestion

Fiber and good digestion go hand in hand – you cannot have a good digestive system without an adequate amount of fiber in your body. So listed below are some of the best fruit juice to promote digestion which contain fiber and other compounds that not only help with your digestion, but also improve other aspects of the functioning of your body as well.


Now raspberries are a great source of fiber – 1 cup gives you 8g of it. And seeing how we need roughly 28g of fiber on a daily basis, that’s quite a feat. Not only that, since these fruits have low sugar content in them, they make a perfect source of fiber for those aiming at weight loss or those with diabetes



If you have an old school mother, then she’s already probably told you to eat papaya when you’re facing digestive problems, especially constipation. That’s because the vitamin C present in it improves the health of your gut while the enzyme papain breaks down the protein and fats in your body. Now even though 100g of papaya gives you nearly 2g of fiber (not a lot, I admit), it’s the kinda fruit that you can eat all day long in various forms (directly, pulp, smoothie, fruit salad, etc.), which means you won’t be bored of what you’re eating.


Red apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You can add one more reason to the increasing list of reasons you should be consuming apples on a daily basis. And that reason is that apple juice is one of the best fruit juice for digestion. Apples are high in both soluble and insoluble fibers. Now these serve a twofold purpose. Apples lessen your digestive woes by not only softening your stool so that it can pass easily, but also bulking it up along the way. Second, the pectin found in the apple fibers helps you with gas, diarrhea and even colitis.


Green apples

Often, when people speak of apples, the image of red apples instantly pop up in your head. This is why we felt the need to make a separate column for green apples – because they are just as good as red ones when it comes to digestion. Much like red apples, green apples aid the regulation of your bowel movement, while also helping your digestive tract break down fatty and spicy foods. As a bonus, regular consumption of these apples has shown a reduction in the risk of developing colon cancer.


Orange (with aloe vera)

Orange juice is something that you either love, or hate. There’s just no in between. And if you’re one of the people who loves it, then let me tell you that aloe-vera-orange juice is one of the best fruit juice for digestion. Why? Because aloe vera contains numerous vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and minerals that help detoxify your body. It’s also a natural laxative, which means it’s one of the first things you should be consuming if you’re constipated. Then there’s the sheer amount of vitamin C and ascorbic and citric acid in oranges, which improve the health of an upset stomach and also help reduce stomach acidity.



Aha. Pineapple – eat it raw, drink its juice or put it atop a pizza (now, now, I know you secretly like it!). The thing about pineapple juice is that not only does it help with your sweet tooth cravings, but also helps break down food particles in your gut so that they can be absorbed easily. It also has an enzyme called Bromelain, whose anti-inflammatory properties help your body fight colitis, apart from breaking down hard to digest proteins (especially the ones you get from meat).



Like apples, prunes (which are nothing but dried plums) have a fairly high amount of soluble and insoluble fibers, which help with the passage of your stool from your body. It also contains a healthy dose of minerals like Magnesium (which a majority of Americans lack in their bodies) which help ease/give relaxation the movement of the muscles in your digestive tract. And oh, they also contain dihydroxyphenyl isatin, a compound that stimulates those very muscles when they get a little too relaxed.



Quite an unexpected name to find on a list of best fruit juice for digestion, right? But the fact remains that figs are not only sugary sweet and delicious, but also provide your body with a large serving of fiber – 15g per cup, if I’m being precise. Now I know it’s a little difficult to juice them, so how about making milk shakes with them instead?? Add almond, coconut or soy milk to a handful of figs, mix them in the blender, and bam! You’re done!


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