In order to encourage teens to read books, the theme should be something that they can relate to such as identity crisis or overcoming discrimination. The fantasy genre has this characteristic that’s why teens are captivated by these kinds of books. It does not only encourage teens to read but also provides a wide range of reading materials for them. In this article, we’ve listed fifteen of the great fantasy books that teenagers read.

Best Fantasy Books Worth Reading


The Dresden Files

This book is written by Jim Butcher. It is about a superhero that can make a fire with the power of his mind. Harry Dresden works as a private detective who has the power of wizardry. This series has twenty books although they were designed as stand-alone books but readers need to read the other books to get some background.


The Lightbringer

This book is written by Brent Weeks, and this series only proves that he continuously improves as an author. This book is about the bullied teenager named Kip. What’s inspiring about this character is that he never gives up to any challenge and he has good sense of humor. This is one of the best fantasy books on our list.


The First Law

This is a story where the heroes are composed of a narcissistic royal, a sadistic torturer and a schizophrenic and murderous barbarian. Written by Joe Abercrombie, this book has a graphic and brutal parts but its amazing twist draws its reader further making them want for more.


A Song of Ice and Fire

George R.R. Martin did a great job in this book not only because it became one of the best modern epic fantasy books to be published but also because he was able to tackle several issues by oversimplifying them. This is a book of fiction but readers are drawn to it because it is somewhat realistic.


The Kingkiller Chronicle

This is the second book of the trilogy written by Patrick Rothfuss. It is very classic but still gives readers a rollercoaster ride of different emotions. The protagonist in this novel is Kvothe; the story has a certain appeal to readers which makes them want for more until they are able to sync the span of events to the three books.


Dark Elf Trilogy

This is another member of our best fantasy books list. Written by R.A. Salvatore, this story is about a dark elf Drizzt with a magical pet panther. His adventures started when he rebelled and left his race because of their cruelty until he reached the surface from the underworld.


The Dark Tower Series

This eight-book series from Stephen King is a mix of fantasy, science fiction, horror and old American Western. The story revolves around the protagonist Roland Deschain who is a knight and needs to find the Dark tower before the whole universe is destroyed.


Dragonriders of Pern

This story from Anne McCaffrey is definitely one of the most popular fantasy books. It is about dragonriders from earth who would like to colonize a distant planet named Pern. The mission of the dragonriders is to fight Thread -- a mycorrhizoid spore that is capable of consuming the lives of all living things.


The Earthsea Series

The Earthsea series by Ursula K. LeGuin can be read in a series of six books. The protagonist Ged is taken as an apprentice of a powerful mage who eventually becomes threatened by the capabilities of Ged to defend the universe from his dark endeavors. This novel is definitely one of the best fantasy books that teenagers read.


The Farseer Trilogy

Robin Hobb amazes the readers with this novel by showing a deeply flawed and truly human protagonist named Fitz. He is a stable boy at the same time a bastard son of the royal prince. He is not accepted by his family but instead regarded as an assassin. Despite all his struggles, he still manages to develop his gifts and skills.


The Inheritance Trilogy

This book from N.K. Jemisin tells about a brave protagonist named Yeine Darr. She is a leader of a matriarchal society of warriors but eventually becomes the heiress of the whole empire after the sudden death of her mother. This leads to a conflict with her cousins which also leads to a dangerous battle.


The Black Company

This ten-book series from Glen Cook does not only talk about rich history but also about the morality of mercenaries in a world full of magic and wizardry. This series of books may not give you an idea about the plot of the story based on its title but it will definitely draw your attention once you started reading. It is definitely one of the best fantasy books sought after by teens.


The Chronicles of Narnia

Who is not familiar with this very popular novel from C.S. Lewis? This novel is child-friendly and full of fantasy that talks about the lion, the witch and the wardrobe. This novel was also made into a fantasy movie and has been a top grosser.


The Chronicles of Prydain

This story from Lloyd Alexander is not the one that's on the limelight but is able to catch the interest of many teens. Not only because it is a fantasy story but also because it is very human making the readers relate to it.


The Broken Empire

This trilogy by Mark Lawrence is not only a war epic but also involves family drama. After watching the murder of his mother and brother, the protagonist, Jorg Ancrath, becomes a brave leader who will fight for the throne.


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