Here is my ranking of the best beach vacation spots in the US.

Part 1


Destin, Florida – is always a great hotspot for summer vacations. Destin has the pure white sand and clear blue water that makes the beach one of the most beautiful that you will find any where in the world. Destin is a popular spot for families and also for spring breakers that are looking for a quieter time away from the shenanigans in nearby Panama City.


Key West, Florida– Key West allows beach goers to have all the conveniences of the Caribbean without leaving the US. Key West is extremely diverse, has crystal blue waters, white sand, warm water, and plenty of ethnic foods. Flights into Key West are reasonable while adventure is plentiful.


Panama City, Florida– Panama City Beach is always a hotspot for Spring Breakers from all over the world. PCB has plenty of young people that are out of the prowl 24 hours per day. The beaches are white with the blue water like Destin. Since PCB has such a young crowd, families with younger children may want to choose a different destination to avoid the loud noise and slow traffic from the partiers.


Myrtle Beach, SC- Myrtle Beach is a great hotspot for those on the East Coast who want warmer temperatures than the North East but don’t want to travel all the way to Florida. The water in the Atlantic is always a little colder but shopping, golfing, and many others are plentiful in South Carolina. The southern food is also amazing.


Hilton Head, SC- Like Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head is a favorite amongst East Coasters. Hilton Head has a great beach that is family friendly. Hilton head also is a golfing destination that attracts visitors from all over the world. With plenty of entertainment for everyone in the family, Hilton Head definitely makes the top list of hotspots.


South Padre Island, TX- South Padre Island in Texas is also a hotspot for spring breakers. The warm weather in Gulf of Mexico definitely makes the beaches in Texas a fun place to hang out 9 months out of the year. Flights are usually very reasonable and students from many universities congregate to this area to celebrate their time off from school.


San Diego, CA- San Diego features an amazing beach, extremely cool town, and an amazing zoo. The amount of activities in San Diego for any age group is plentiful. The weather is always amazingly warm while the beaches are top notch. The San Diego Zoo is one of the finest in the world and should definitely be visited while in town for vacation.


Bar Harbor, ME- Maine has some of the most beautiful, rocky beaches in world. The lighthouses, fresh crisp air, and wildlife in Maine definitely sets it apart from other populated beaches in the US. Maine is mostly untouched and unpolluted from the general population thus boasting some of the most environmentally pure areas of the US. For fresh Maine lobster and a beach experience unlike any other in the US, Bar Harbor is a must visit for adventurous travels that want to experience life off of the beaten path.


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