No matter what your age is, you will definitely enjoy watching best animated shorts. These animated short films offer great storylines and some of them even send good messages. These days with the help of internet, you can enjoy the best animated shorts even on YouTube. The list of best animated shorts is in no particular order, but each is really worth watching.

10 Best Animated Shorts 2000-2014


Mr. Hublot (2013)

Length: 11 minutes

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy

Country: France

“Mr. Hublot” had won the Animated Short Film category of Oscar. The film focuses on “Mr. Hublot”, an OCD sufferer, who prefers to live alone in a fully automated world. He hides from everyone and works from home. However, one day, he saw an abandoned robot dog was almost crushed in the garbage. He saved the dog but soon had to transfer the dog to a bigger place because the dog had grown to be so big.


Paperman (2012)

Length: 7 minutes

Genres: Romance, Comedy

Country: USA

“Paperman” is one of the best animated shorts and an Academy Awards winner for Best Animated Short Film. The story happened in the middle century NYC. A young man had an unexpected meeting with a beautiful woman during his morning commute. He thought that he had forever lost the chance of meeting the woman again when he missed the departing train, but he earned a second chance when he saw her from his office. Using his imagination, he decided to use stack of papers to get the woman’s attention. 


The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011)

Length: 15 minutes

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Country: USA

“The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” is a poignant story of a man who wanders in a mysterious library after the hurricane has damaged the city. A book from the mysterious library literally comes to life. The movie has used different techniques to present the story. Computer animation, miniatures and 2D techniques are used in the film. The film has won Best Animated Short Film in Academy Awards in 2012.


Kiwi (2006)

Length: 3 minutes

Genres: Action, Drama

Country: USA

Kiwi is really unique in this list of best animated shorts, because it is a dramatic heart-breaking animated short film. It is a story of a kiwi that will do everything to achieve his dream of flying. The kiwi tied a rope to a tree, using a hammer to create a platform. He then wore an aviator hat and took a final dive over the cliff edge. In the last scene, kiwi extends his flightless wings as if he is actually flying. He then closed his eyes and a sudden thud ended the drama.


Lifted (2007)

Length: 5 minutes

Genres: Family, Sci-Fi

Country: USA

“Lifted” is a sci-fi short animated film directed by Gary Rydstrom, a 7-time Academy Awards winner. The story centers on a small alien who tries to abduct a human. The alien is inside a ship and tries everything to get the man through the window. The man continues sleeping, unaware of possible alien abduction. The alien tries really hard to abduct the man, but even though the plan seems to push through, something goes awfully wrong.


For the Birds (2000)

Length: 3 minutes

Genres: Family, Comedy

Country: USA

“For the Birds” had won several awards, including Academy Awards and six other international awards. It is a story of group of birds that are suspended together on a telephone wire. Afterwards, a bigger and weird-looking bird arrives, and he is taunted and rejected by the smaller birds. But the bigger bird still tries everything to win their friendship, however, the smaller birds has hatched a plan to shove him away.


French Roast (2010)

Length: 8 minutes

Genres: Drama, Mystery

Country: France

“French Roast” had won a nomination in Academy Awards in 2010. The animated short film is about an uptight businessman, drinking coffee inside a Parisian Café. But the problem is that he had forgotten his wallet. However, the businessman had forgotten his wallet, but instead of leaving, he ordered more coffee. When a vagabond enters the shop, a nun has given him some money. Upon seeing the nun’s money, the businessman plans to take her purse to pay for his coffee expenses, because his bill increases higher as the night continues and he gets no other solutions. 


Partly Cloudy (2009)

Length: 6 minutes

Genres: Fantasy, Family

Country: USA

The story of stork delivering babies has been retold many times, but the question is “where do storks get the babies from?” “Partly Cloudy” shows the answer to this question. In the story, cloud people in the stratosphere can sculpt babies from clouds and give them life. One of those who sculpt babies is Gus, the master of making dangerous babies. His creations are considered work of art. Meanwhile, the stork that delivers the creations is Peck. Peck soon finds his work getting harder because Gus’s creations are getting wilder.


Oktapodi (2007)

Length: 3 minutes

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Country: France

“Oktapodi”, a French animated shorts, had one Oscar nomination and won five international awards. The film tells the romance between two octopi. The two are entwined with an embrace while suddenly a hand reaches from above and separate them. The male is put in a small aquarium while the female is placed in a cold storage box, which is transferred to a delivery truck. The male pursuits the delivery van to save the female, but challenges awaits down the coastal town.


Zero (2010)

Length: 13 minutes

Genres: Drama, Romance

Country: Australia

The famous tagline of “Zero” is “how can nothing be something.” The tagline fits the story as the character Zero is always persecuted and always been a victim of prejudice. He has a lonely path until unexpectedly his life has changed after meeting a female zero. Together, they prove that with courage, love and determination, nothing could truly be something. The film had won four international awards and two other nominations. This though is the last one in our best animated shorts, there for sure are more great ones. You can add your faviorate below to share with all of us!


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