If you’re an American, then the only place you’ve most probably seen seaweed is around sushi rolls, or in your beauty regime items. But you’d be surprised to know that in Asian countries (more specifically Japan) seaweed is a staple in their diet. And for those of you who didn’t know, much like mushrooms, seaweeds have different varieties, which include edible and inedible versions.

Benefits of Seaweed

Most popularly known as kelp, seaweed can benefit human beings in ways that most people are unaware of. And exactly what are those benefits? Well, we’ve listed the best 11 benefits for you below.

It’s great for your bones

If you’re a vegan or someone who is lactose intolerance, then rejoice! One of the best benefits of the seaweed is that it contains a lot more calcium than milk – 7 times, to be precise. If at all possible, get your hands on the wakame seaweed as it has the highest amount of calcium among all varieties of seaweed.


It gives your iron

Kelp is a fantastic source of iron. To put it in perspective:

1/3rd cup of kelp provides your body with 30% of its daily iron requirement, which just happens to be four times more iron than spinach can provide! If you find it difficult to include seaweed in your daily diet, then eat it as a snack. Use its toasted version, kelp chips, or simply use it like a seasoning (like oregano) to spice up your foods!


It helps with your blood pressure levels

More specifically, it’s the chlorella seaweed that has shown substantial results when it comes to regulating your BP. A study conducted on hypertensive people showed that consuming as little as 1.5g of this seaweed each day helped reduced one’s BP levels within a span of half a year. It also reduced hypertension in said patients, those who were suffering from it.


It improves your mood

If you’re someone who is suffering from depression or any other medically recognized mood altering conditions, or simply someone who doesn’t want to depend on pills to improve your mood, then these benefits of seaweed come to your rescue. A regular consumption of 1.8g of chlorella seaweed over a 6-week period resulted in the lowering of anxiety and depression in test subjects who were otherwise being treated medically via antidepressants.


It contains fewer calories

And high on nutrients! If you’re looking for the perfect munching snack that fills your tummy without increasing you calorie count, then look no further than kelp. High in calcium, vitamin B, iron, magnesium, iodine and even folate, kelp is Mother Nature’s bumper gift to mankind.


It helps detoxify your body

I mean sure, you’ve seen loads of beauty products with seaweed in it, and many spas using it in their massages and what not. BUT seaweed can just as easily detox the inside of your body as well! Not only does it clean up the shit that you consume on a regular basis, but also gets rid of toxins (like lead) that spread to your body via smoking.


It can absorb fat

If you’re planning on losing weight, well, you already know that seaweed is low in calories. However, one of the best benefits of seaweed is that it can significantly help reduce the size of your ass. And waist. And thighs. You get the drift, right? Now, seaweed works by inhibiting the effect of the digestive enzyme lipase, which in turn helps reduce the rate of fat absorption by your body… by a whopping 75%!! It’s a fantastic food for those struggling with weight loss. And if you think your thyroid might come in the way of you losing weight, think again!


It regulates your thyroid problem

Iodine is important for your body by regulating thyroid production, which in turn affects your metabolism. Now, the human body does not produce iodine naturally, which is why it’s important to eat iodine producing food items. This is where wakame seaweed comes to your rescue. The easiest way to consume this variety of seaweed is to simply add it to your soup. However, make sure you talk to your health practitioner before you consume something which affects your thyroid production, especially when it comes to its dosage.


It controls heart diseases

Have you ever noticed how the Japanese have less reported cases of heart diseases than Americans? It’s mostly because they eat a diet that’s rich in seaweed, antioxidants (green tea) and plant proteins (soya milk and tofu), all of which are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.


It is an all-round tonic

Among the many benefits of seaweed is the fact that it can easily be used for a multitude of problems, like curing hangovers, controlling gas, reducing swelling, increasing urine production, and even reducing phlegm.


It controls bloating

If you ever feel there’s too much water in your body as a result of which your body’s bloated, then you should immediately reach out for kombu or nori seaweed. Both have a diuretic effect on your body, which means that it will reduce any bloating by simply reducing the excessive levels of water inside your body.


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