Okay, first things first, what the heck is an antibride? Don’t worry I’m not about to go all Merriam Webster on you. Let me break this down, an antibride comes in many shapes and sizes and frankly, I think there is a bit of antibride in all of us. An antibride isn’t just a type of bride. It can be an outlook, a style or even a feeling.

Are you tattooed, edgy and eclectic? Have you been with your man for 10 years, had a baby and recently acquired the diamond? Or perhaps you just dread the idea of planning and never really put much thought into your wedding day. Then holla, welcome to the antibride family!

Being an antibride is all about tying the knot outside the box. If your lifestyle is far from traditional or you never in a million years thought you were the marrying type, your time has come and it’s going to be awesome. Get excited people!

I can assure you that planning a non-traditional wedding is going to be anything but… well ordinary. This is the opportunity to get creative with your own ideas or through the ideas of a totally badass planner. Either way you don’t have to face this alone.

Part 1


Step 1: Celebrate, you’re engaged girl! 

This is going to be so totally awesome. The time is finally here! I mean, maybe you were counting down the seconds until his knee dropped or maybe you were completely taken back, but either way congratulations! Call your mama, your daddy, your best friend, whoever, it’s all happening. Woohoo!

Okay, I’ve drank my fill, my phone is blowing up and I’m already overwhelmed! HELP! Patience young grasshopper, take a sip of that sparkling wine and relax, there is absolutely no need to get overwhelmed… yet. Just kidding, there is no need to get overwhelmed ever, there are people to help with all that.


Step 2: Start thinking about your budget.

Money makes the world go round and money makes a wedding, honey. Great, so what you’re saying is the bigger the budget, the better the wedding? WRONG! It’s all about sticking to a budget that works for you and your beau.

Start thinking about what is important to you. Flowers? A live band? Top shelf spirits? A palm reader? You can get anything you want, this is your day and we are here to help you not only spend your money but to help you save it.


Step 3: Find wedding-inspo.

Find out what speaks to you. How does a rustic, barn wedding in the crisp autumn months sound? Or maybe you need glitz, glamour, and the Boston skyline?

Sound to grandiose? How about a modern affair at a quaint restaurant? Not quite eclectic enough? How does the word boho-punk make you feel?

Eh, I don’t know, I’m still unsure. Thats okay! The road is long my friend. This is the time to just start thinking about things that make your heart skip a beat and make you want to flash your pearly whites.


Step 4: To be or not to be? That IS the question.

Shakespeare wants to know and we do too! Do you need help organizing your thoughts, your hard-earned cash or your vendors? Unsure of where to start? Worried about overspending? Every girl needs a co-pilot during this process and the best person to do that is a professional.

But I don’t want an outdated, off the shelf wedding. I got you girl, don’t worry. No one understands an anti bride more than an anti bride. Holla! You need someone that understand that imperfection is beauty and has jedi-master mind tricks when it comes to organizing the chaos.  

Okay, well who is she god damnit? Okay, okay, hold your horses. We all know you didn’t stumble on this blog post by accident. This was premeditated. You were drawn in by your inner antibride-ness and there’s no running from it now. Own that ishh girl! I will now leave you with three words that will change your life forever, well its’s really just one giant word but you catch my drift, lolagraceEVENTS. Boom!! (drops mic)


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