When you are in your mid to late twenties you start to notice that everyone around you is getting engaged. Lucky for you now know your summer plans, weddings. When you’ve attended more than five weddings in a year you start to feel like you have this whole being a wedding guest thing down. Here are 11 signs that you are a professional wedding goer:

Part 1


By early spring your refrigerator is covered in save the dates

You have so many save the dates coming into the mail that the free magnets you’ve accumulated over the last couple of years will not suffice. You have to go out to the store and buy magnets just to keep up with the amount of “hey we’re getting married!” postcards with a lovely picture of the future bride and groom.


You know how much it costs to attend a wedding off the top of your head.

Gift card – check

Dress and Tux – check

Gas – check

Hotel – yes or no?

When you’ve been to so many weddings you know the drill with how much it’s going to cost. You actually look forward to the weddings that are close by because then you don’t have to pay for a hotel and it’s much less gas required.


You secretly hope a few people are getting hitched on the same day.

When you get your save the dates you anxiously look at your crowded refrigerator to see if any of the other ones have that same date. When they don’t you get a little sad that you don’t have a valid excuse not to go to all of the weddings you’ve been invited to.


You’ve become a top contributor for RTR.

Any girl who has attended a ton of weddings in one year knows how important the dress choice for each one is, therefore we all know how amazing rent the runway is. You can rent a designer dress for a few days, look fabulous, and then send it back. Do it for every wedding and you never have to wear the same dress twice.


You always pack snacks.

If the wedding requires a hotel room you always know to pack snacks. Why might you do this? Unless someone is sober enough to to drive you to a fast food place you have no food options after an open bar wedding. This is a bad situation to be in and you become desperate. So being the seasoned wedding goer you are you bring snacks to avoid this desperation.


You know early on in the day the level of fun.

Looking around at the guests you know how fun or not fun the reception is going to be. A rowdy group during the ceremony is going to be a rowdy group throughout the night, whereas a stiff crowd is going to lead to a less fun wedding. The guests make for the level of fun at a wedding.


You have an open bar strategy

You and your significant other have an unspoken open bar understanding. When you go to the bar without each other you always get a drink for the other. You drop it off with them and join their conversation or you move along to find someone to talk with. They know it’s then their turn to get drinks for both of you. It works so neither of you are without a drink the entire night.


You plan your own wedding based on what you like and don’t like from the weddings you attend.

You look at everything at the wedding as “yeah I want to do that or no I don’t want to do that.” You find unique ideas that you plan to incorporate into your own wedding. You decide what colors you like and don’t like. You evaluate every venue, every decoration, and all small touches and decide if it’s something you would want to do with your own wedding or not.


You learn how to work a room.

When you attend a lot of weddings you learn how to mingle and small talk especially if it’s mostly your significant other’s friends. More than likely they are friends they haven’t seen for a long time and they want to catch up so that leaves you to entertain yourself. You make friends with whoever will be your drunk BFF who is down to dance with you most of the night. It’s amazing how close you can become with someone over the course of a night with an open bar. Take advantage of it, otherwise you’re just going to annoy your significant other.


Sunday rest day takes on an all new meaning.

Your hangovers are worse as you get older so you spend most of your Sunday’s curing it. This is necessary so you can show up to work on Monday looking halfway normal. If you like to dance at weddings then you start to feel that the day after. That soreness you feel on Monday? Yeah, it’s not because you hit the gym hard, it’s because you were dancing to single ladies Saturday night, because of course you learned the dance 5 years ago and wanted to show off.


You realize you wouldn’t have your summer any other way.

Spending a ton of weekends with your significant other and a ton of friends drinking and having a good time is a really fun way to spend your summer. Watching two people you care about start their lives together and celebrating it with them surrounded by all their friends and family is a beautiful thing. One day you’ll wish you could repeat these summers, so enjoy them while you can.


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