Here are some amazing gadgets for this year. Just take a read and see if you favorite one is included!

Part 1


Flip 2 by JBL

Portable audio by JBL uses Bluetooth to give you hours of listening on a single charge. You can also answer calls on this bad boy, making it extremely useful. Audiophile’s Dream!!

$89.00 from JBL


Custom Phone Protection

Page 5 of 9 : Everyone should be using protection, especially for their phones. Completely customizable cases keep your phone safe and looking good. I want one!!

$19.00+ on Shutterfly


USB Batteries

Page 4 of 9 : Rechargable USB extended life batteries can double the battery life of most phones. Never worry about needing a charge while in the middle of a life changing convo. Oh yeah!!

$12.00 on Amazon


Amazon Echo

Page 3 of 9 : The tower learns the users voice almost instantly and is only activated when you say “Hey Alexa.” She is always listening and can do tons of cool things… anyone else bothered by this??? Still very cool!

Starts at $99.00 on Amazon


Wireless Headphones

Page 2 of 9 : Sennheiser RS 170 is argueably the best in the business. These bad boys maintain their quality for up to 250ft. Holly Cow!!!

$150.00 on Amazon


2 GB USB and Wifi Router Cufflinks

Over the next 8 pages, we have compiled some of the coolest new tech gizmos for you to consider in the new year! Lots of cool gadgets and exciting new products to make our lives just a little bit easier and even a little bit more fun! Look stylish while maintaining the ability to wirelessly download information and store is on your sleeve. Sweet!!

$250.00 at Brookstone


The WeMo Switch

Page 7 of 9 : Take control of your outlets wirelessly with this WiFi integrated outlet. It is extremely handy when trying to make your home more energy efficient and in turn saves you money on your power bills! The WiFi outlet can be accessed anywere via a samrtphone app and can be turned off or on remotely. Wow!!

$49.00 from Belkin


Chrome Cast

Page 8 of 9 : Wireless HDMI broadcasting brought to us by the geniuses over at Google. Google is still working out all the bugs, but overall an amazing step forward. Yay!!

$34.99 from Google


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