Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. Everywhere you go, you’ll see people sporting the latest mobile phone models. Mobile phones have completely changed the way people interact. You can call, send text messages, read emails, play games as well as read and edit documents on the go. Today, the mobile phone has become part and parcel of many people’s lives. Leaving home without your phone is akin to leaving without your shoes on. Clearly, the mobile phone is one of the phenomenal inventions of this age. So what are the repercussions of constantly using these devices day in day out? Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones below.

Advantages of Mobile Phones

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, there's always the other side of the coin.

Easy Communication

Most people have at least a simple, if not sophisticated, mobile phone. These devices are convenient to carry around and you can use them on the go as long as there is network coverage wherever you are. Many parents allow their kids to own mobile phone because they feel secure in the knowledge that they can reach their kids wherever they are and at any time. Mobile phones have clearly made it easier to communicate.


Always Connected

With the upgrades made year in, year out, mobile phones are becoming more like computers with the added benefit of portability. One can receive and send emails, browse websites, download games and videos, book flight tickets, money transfer to banks and even chat with friends. With a mobile phone, you are connected to the internet throughout. You can search for places and directions for places that you are not familiar with, you can check out what your friends are up to on social media and you can even access your work PC remotely.


Multiple Uses

Mobile phones are convenient devices that can be used for a variety of tasks. You can listen to music, watch movies, play games, browse, store notes, make video calls, and also set an alarm for your waking up. You can even use some phones to control your TV. Mobile phones have become the modern day personal assistant.


Emergency Situations

Although the mobile phone doesn’t guarantee safety, you can use it to make calls whenever there is an emergency. Travelling with your phone is very important. In case you have an accident, you can always contact someone who will help you.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones


Constant Interruption

Since you’re always connected when you have your mobile phone, it becomes harder to ignore interruptions. People are always on their phones receiving calls, checking out their friends on Facebook, chatting on WhatsApp, checking emails and listening to music. It has become virtually impossible to avoid unneeded interruption. If you’re unable to control yourself, this can become a problem as you won’t have time to get anything important done. Furthermore, you can’t avoid work related emails and phone calls when you’re at home with your family or on vacation.


Possibility of Privacy Leak

Having all your information on your device is very convenient. However, it’s also dangerous because there’s a possibility of someone else accessing your phone. Mobile phone theft is quite common and it could leave you exposed. It is therefore important to secure your phone from unauthorized access. You should also avoid storing sensitive data such as bank and credit card details. It is also possible for someone to hijack your email and social media accounts using your phone for malicious reasons.



The accidents caused by usage of mobile phones when driving is innumerable. The temptation to pick an important call when driving is huge. While you may have done it successfully in the past, it is not a good idea. The distraction could easily cause you to lose control of the car and consequently cause an accident. While it is possible to put your phone on hands free mode, it is usually best to wait until you get to your destination or even pull over in order to pick the call.

The mobile phone can also disrupt a meeting or class if proper etiquette is not followed. The phone ringing during a class or meeting can distract the attendees and waste precious time. Always put your phone in silent mode when you are in such a circumstance.


Affect Real Interaction

Today, socializing that involves real interaction is very rare. People have been reduced to interacting on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or chat applications such as Viber and WhatsApp. While there’s nothing expressly wrong with chatting with your friends on these platforms, it can be a problem if it is done at the expense of face to face interaction. It can easily take you away from the real life activities and you will find it hard interacting with real people. In a family where every family member has a mobile phone and uses it every time they are together, it might cause breakdown of relationships and families.


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