Searching a solution to transfer data into Outlook from MDaemon profile can be really challenging without the right approach. Here we give a detailed explanation of how this process is done.

MDaemon – POP3, SMTP, IMAP...... they are all backed up by messaging server with open standard design, available in multi-lingual. It provides all the facilities like emailing, contact, notes, tasks, etc. Some additional apps included with MDaemon are WorldClient, Remote Administration and Closed Instant Messaging.

MDaemon Outlook Connector – If you want to enjoy the MS Outlook features in MDaemon, then using the MDaemon Outlook Connector the end user could collaborate the functions of both application. But it has some disadvantages, like that across multiple machine/clients synchronization is not allowed, and central sent items folder is not available. What's more, data deleted from MDaemon profile is automatically removed from Outlook as well.

Active Solution for MDaemon Export to PST


What we suggest is permanent MDaemon Export to PST Outlook.

MDaemon Outlook Connector is not a creditable option for accessing Outlook features. As the reason already mentioned above, every time a change is done in MDaemon data, it automatically gets altered in the Outlook profile as well. It may slow down your MDaemon application. To deal with this issue, we suggest users to permanently switch from MDaemon to Microsoft Outlook.


Why is Outlook a better choice than MDaemon?

Outlook is MS Office default program; it come free and easily to maintain. The comprehensive feature of Outlook fits the requirements of all users from a single to organization level. Offline working mode is also provided with Outlook that does not require network connectivity.


How to get data from MDaemon to PST Outlook

By searching over the internet, you will find that MDaemon and Outlook both save each single data in MSG format, which means you can directly open MDaemon file in Outlook. WRONG. Both application might save data in MSG, but that where the similarities end. You cannot directly open MDaemon data to Outlook.

Then How?

To access MDaemon data files in Outlook, you need to change their format, in this case from MDaemon data to PST format. PST is Outlook’s native format, and in Outlook you are given option to open and import PST files, and store them permanently.

MDaemon to PST Converter in this case is the suited solution. It easily performs the MDaemon Export to PST task with complete data of MDaemon, which includes emails, address book and calendar. It’s a complete and permanent solution that anyone can use. For saving the MDaemon data, a new PST is generated, and none of the exiting PST file are overwritten by the software.

Know more about the process

Download Demo of the MDaemon to PST Converter. It will give you move in-depth idea of the programs working. Demo does come with restriction, so if you find the product to your suitability, then place order for license edition for $129.

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