Anime is a Japanese art form of creating movies, television shows and other visual events through animation. This animation can be achieved either through computer animation programs or through drawing. The characteristic style began in the 1960’s and has since exploded to appeal to fans of all ages and in all countries. Numerous productions now include the anime style, but only those that come from Japanese production houses can be called true anime. In this article, we specailly talk about the genre of action romance anime. 

Top 10 Action Romance Anime

Anime is available in numerous genres, just like any other movies. The following are a few great action romance anime that anyone can enjoy.

Date A Live (2013)

A boy meets a girl who is of the spirit world and has been rejected by most of humanity. But the truth is that she almost wiped out the human race thirty years ago. Now she is back, and she wants to finish what she started—but if Itsuka dates her, humanity might have a chance at survival.


Sword Art Online (2012)

In the year 2022, role playing games are all the rage, and a new one allows players to enter them through virtual reality. But those who enter the game are in for a terrible surprise—the only way out is to play the game all the way through, and they will only be returned to their physical bodies if they can beat the big boss.


Highschool DxD (2012)

Issei is on his first date ever during his second year of high school. His good luck turns bad when his date kills him, and he returns as a devil determined to get revenge. He becomes the underling of the most lovely girl on his campus.


Steins Gate (2011)

Okabe is a university student who has a plan to fight against SERN, an evil organization that has nefarious plans for the world. His solution? A microwave device that can transport information to the past. Can he tell those who came before what they need to know in order to rewrite history and save the world? Watch and find out!


Guilty Crown (2011)

In 2029, a virus breaks out that destroys the world. Japan is now ruled by a mulit-national organization called GHQ. Ohma Shu is 17 years old and has psychic powers that can give him unique tools and weapons. Then he falls in love with a girl who fights against the new government. Will he use his powers to help the cause?


Highschool of the Dead (2010)

When a deadly pandemic turns humans into zombies, only a group of high school students, their courageous nurse, a young girl and a small dog can battle through the new world in order to find their way to safety and survival.


Angel Beats (2010)

When death comes calling, Yuzuru wakes to find himself in a high school in the afterlife. This is no ordinary school! Students are in full revolt against God for what has happened to them, and they use supernatural powers to attempt to break free of the school and the world they are now in. Obliteration is what they fear most—a place from which there is no return.


Vampire Knight (2008)

Yuki Cross is attacked by a vampire, and then rescued by one. Ten years later, she is the adopted daughter of the school headmaster, and she works hard to keep relations between the people and the vampires from erupting into chaos. The peace is fragile, and her personal feelings just might undermine all the goodwill.


Sekirei (2008)

Minato is a shy and awkward teenager who has failed to get into college…again. But then he finds his calling when he meets Musubi, a girl with superhuman abilities who needs his sexual contact in order to strengthen those powers.


Kaze no Stigma (2007)

Kazuma is the heir of his family, but he is unable to control fire, which makes his useless in the eyes of his father. Banished from the family for years, he comes back with the ability to control the wind, and finds that much of his family has been killed. He is blamed for the murders, believed to have sought revenge.


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