Are you looking for best Programming Toolkits for your development task? Check out this post and collect some information about programming toolkits before using in your development task. 

Programmers have ability to write excellent code through their expertise in programming activities. Programming includes excellent level of perfection, accuracy, concentration and programmers have to complete their task within deadlines, by focusing above given points.

To make difficult programming task easy, we have collected some programming toolkits that help professionals to complete their task with an ease. Go through this post to know various toolkits.

Part 1


TCL Dev Kit(TDK)

Tcl Dev Kit (TDK) is an essential tool for Tcl programmers that help to develop and deply applications with an ease.



GTK+ is also better known as the GIMP Toolkit that used for developing graphical user interfaces. GTK+ is excellent for every project, ranging from small one-off tools to complete application suites. It delivers a complete set of widgets.


Perl Dev Kit

Perl Dev Kit is better known for providing an important tool for developing and deploying Perl applications.



Written in C++, Arabica is an XML, HTML processing toolkit, which is supportable to the most platforms. This remarkable processing toolkit provides SAX, DOM, xPath and XSLT implementation.


Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit

MRPT stands for Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit that helps robotics researchers for designing and implementing algorithms, which is related to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), computer vision and motion planning (obstacle avoidance). It is a cross-platform and open source C++ library that implements projects in some of the major robotics journals and conferences.


AVR Cross Development Kit

CDK4AVR abbreviated for Cross Development Kit for Atmels AVR RISC processor series that collect all programs and development tools in single directory (/opt/cdk4avr) and deliver an easy to admin installation.



Aesop system is best for building software architecture design environment. It also supports cooperation between Aesop and other tools and also delivers a customizable TCl/TK based graphical user interface.



Do you want to create graphical, interactive user interfaces for your software? Use Amulet, which is a user interface development environment for C++. It is also portable across X11 on all kinds of UNIX such as SGI, HP, NetBSD, Linux, Sun, Dec, etc.


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