A flash card is a set of cards containing information in form of words or numbers on either side of it, usually used in classroom drills or for study. It is often widely used as a learning tool that helps memorization by spaced repetition. It can be the most suitable method for memorizing your periodic table, learning vocabulary words, numbers, among others. If you want to know how to make flash cards that will be amazingly great, you need to follow this article bumper to bumper as you learn about it without any hassle. 

However it is important to know that making printable flash cards will require you to put all the necessary materials together needed for this, identifying the key information, and then produce amazing and interesting flash cards for study.

7 Tips on How to Make Flash Cards for Studying

Find A Suitable Location To Work

After putting everything in order and all the materials needed are available, you are to find a working area where you are away from disturbances or distractions. It is advisable to have a cool music in the background so that you can be motivated and remain focus on what you will be doing. However, this is optional if music is not among your hobbies.

Arrange The Working Area And Put The Materials Together

You are expected to arrange the working area putting in place all the writing implements. It is important to know that you are to decide the medium of which you want to use, in order to come up with amazing flash cards. Whether you want to create a digital flash card or you want to use a paper and pen, it all depends on your choice. Make a good choice and you are there.

Highlight The Information That Is Of Most Important

At this stage, `you are to identify the most important information in your textbook and distill them down into their key parts to enable you transfer them to the note cards easily. If you cannot write physically on your textbook you can use MS word to create outstanding flash cards on your computer. One thing that will help you make flash cards easier is to underline key areas or symbols from the textbook your teacher always stresses.

How To Make Flash Cards With MS Word

Making flash cards on MS words is easy; you can do it right away if you are carefully following this article.

Open Microsoft word document and start a new document, there are flash cards template on the program, go to the search bar and type “flash card”, it will appear in no time.

Chose the flash card template that is more appealing to you from the array of amazing flash cards template available on the program.

Fill the selected flash card with necessary information you need to put in there. There is a concept on the selected card that will guide you where to put in information.

You can use colors to organize your note cards and make it attractive. Just tap the color at the top of your program and make your choice. Having done all these correctly, you have now made printable flash cards that you can print any time.

How To Make Flash Cards Using Online Software

●The first thing you need to do is to choose an online flash creator or flash card maker. You can download this on Google.

●Create your account if required, because many flash cards creation program will require you to have account so that you don’t lose the information you saved.

●Insert all the important information, concepts, and key terms the way you want it to appear and finish you card by clicking on a button that says” create flash cards”, Simple.

How To Make A Paper Flash Card

If you decide not to make the printable flash cards, you can opt for a paper flash card. When making a paper flash card get your textbook and your paper handy; write the key term or information on one side of the flash card.

Write a short informative note on the other side of the flash card; it is important to know that your goal is to distill the key information on this side of the card, and not to write a story. Draw an illustration if you wish as long as it will aid studying easier.

Ensure that your writing is large and clear, do not include too much details but break your information into points. Also, be creative and use a color that will give your flash card a good look.

If your information is vast, use shorthand to save more space. Adopt shorthand you can understand, that will make a lot more sense.

Flash Card Paper Print

It is important to know that there are also printable flash cards; having learned the various techniques on how to make flash cards above, the next thing you will be familiar with is how to print the flash card. You can print your flash card by pressing the CTRL+P on your key board and click on enter. Remember the other side of the card has to be printed as well; carefully remove the card and flip it so the other side is facing up, print the other flash card you make on the computer again to have a complete card for studying. If you are printing more than a copy, continue to do the same until you are satisfied with the number.

  • You should not complicate your flash cards; make them simple with only key information on.
  • In learning how make flash cards; you should know that, using images will make it more interesting and memorable. Find an image that explain your concept and use it for this.
  • Improve on creating new flash cards, this will help develop yourself more and be a better student.
  • Learning how to make flash cards needs consistency, you can achieve that most if you are using the online flash cards creator, because there are a variety of topics you can pick.
  • Make sure you test your knowledge and develop your skills with flash card maker. This will help you studies a lot.

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