Are you in a hurry to catch a bus? Want to grab a seat as soon as possible? If yes, you must check your clothes soon after reaching destination. Sometimes they are perfect after so much busy and hectic race, but in some cases you get chewing gum on them. As soon as you look at the chewing gum stuck to your clothes you feel like one more cloth is reduced from your wardrobe.

Don’t be depressed and instead know how to get chewing gum off clothes. Below are some tips to get rid of chewing gum from clothes:

How To Get Chewing Gum off Clothes

Use Alcohol

If you want to remove gum without leaving stains on the cloth and wants to know the answer of the question –“how to get chewing gum off clothes” you must opt for alcohol. To clean the garment pour some drops of alcohol on the sponge and try scrubbing the affected area with it. It will not instantly show its effect rather will take a few minutes. After a few minutes, with the help of a spatula remove the gum.

If you want to know how to remove stains from clothes, it is one of the best solutions to get rid of gum, as it protects your cloth from staining as well as from removal of color. Once this is done wash the cloth and dry, repeat if needed.

Label Remover Spray

The label remover spray is an easy method to remove gum. Spray label remover on the affected area. Leave it for one minute and scrub it with the brass wire brush. It would not take much time to remove gum from the cloth and you get to know how to get chewing gum off clothes.

Now the question pops up and that is how to remove stains from clothes. It is simple once you get rid of gum; wash the area with soap and water to rinse out the remover. Although most of the removers can be easily rinsed off, but to make sure it does not harm the cloth test it on a useless cloth first.

Boiled Water

Boiling can help remove gum from the garment. Dip the affected area in boiling hot water, which is the easy solution to how to get chewing gum off clothes. Since the garment is submerged in the water, let the gum thaw off. Once the gum becomes soft, rub the affected area with a toothbrush or a knife in one direction till the time chewing gum is completely removed.

Another method related to boiling is using steam. Pour some hot water in the kettle and put the affected area on the mouth of the kettle till the time gum gets softer. Once the gum thaws off scrub it with a blunt knife in the same way as mentioned above. If you do not get rid of the gum at once repeat the step which will lead you to the answer of the question –“how to remove stains from clothes”.

Freeze Your Garment

Freezing is one of the ways to get rid of chewing gum. To remove chewing gum and know how to get chewing gum off clothes fold the garment in such a manner that gum faces forward. Put the garment into a plastic bag in such a manner that it does not stick to the plastic bag. Place the bag into freezer to let the gum freeze. If you are not able to put the garment inside the bag without letting it stick to the bag, you can put the cloth on the plastic without inserting it into the bag. But do not let the garment touch the sides of a freezer otherwise it will get wet.

Keep it in the freezer for about two to three hours to completely freeze the gum. Take it out after the time mentioned and quickly remove the gum using a blunt knife before the gum thaw off. If the gum becomes soft repeat the process. And gently wash the garment to get the solution on how to remove stains.

Use Orange Oil

Orange oil plays a main role in removal of gum from the garment and following the steps, you would know how to get chewing gum off clothes. Use the oil, which is available in the market for commercial use. It is extracted from orange peel. To remove gum, pour some drops of orange extract on the sponge and rub it on the affected area.

Leave it for some time and then use a blunt knife to remove the chewing gum. Once you get rid of chewing gum rinse the area and dry it. If the gum still exists, repeat the step. Once you get rid of gum you would ask how to remove stains. The answer is simple, rinse off the cloth.

Peanut Butter Removes Gum

Though peanut butter is helpful to remove gum it also gives rise to a question -“how to remove stains” as it contains oil and can stain the cloth. While using peanut butter do not let it spread anywhere other than the affected area. Spread it on the gum. Wait till gum becomes soft. After that, use a blunt knife to scrape the chewing gum.

As the gum is removed from the garment, use stain remover to get rid of the oil stain from the peanut butter. Now all the unwanted stains and gum have been removed, rinse off the cloth to make it look new. This was a step to know how to get chewing gum off clothes.

Petrol Fluid

Though it is a quick solution to the problem “how to get chewing gum off clothes” it should be handled with care. Pour the fluid on the back side of the affected area. It will dissolve the gum and you will get rid of this sticky material as soon as possible. If some trails are left add some more fluid to get rid of it completely.

As compared to the other methods it is the easiest one. But while using fluid, keep your cloth away from the fire as it is highly flammable. Wash the cloth and rinse off as soon as you get rid of the sticky monster. This was one of the best ways to know how to get chewing gum off clothes.

  • The use of orange oil and peanut butter can leave stains, so do not use it on expensive clothes.
  • If you are using one of the above solutions at home to remove chewing gum, there are risks of damage of cloth and stain. So, in case of expensive cloth take it to the cleaner who can put solvent which cannot damage or stain the fabric.
  • Scraping cloth with a blunt knife or rubbing toothpaste can ruin the garment permanently. Though you got the answer of how to get chewing off clothes make sure garment do not get ruined.

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