Want to take a royal trip? Then the Mustique is just the destination you will want to go. Here are 7 reasons that you cannot resist. 

Part 1


It’s very safe. There is very little crime on Mustique with no beggars or beach vendors. Plus the speed limit on the island is 20 mph, so there’s very little chance of being run over


You meet interesting people. It’s not just the royals who frequent Mustique. The island has attracted all manner of notables including Bryan Adams, Mick Jagger, David Bowie (whose house is pictured) and Tommy Hilfiger.


It has history. The island was first given the royal seal of approval by William's fun loving great-aunt, the late Princess Margaret, who constructed the villa Les Jolies Eaux (pictured) which still stands majestically in the hilltop vistas. The exquisite neo-Georgian bungalow was a wedding present from Lord Glenconner.


It’s unspoiled. Because not many people get to visit the Caribbean island, it is unspoiled and known for its exotic beauty with its endless haven of deserted sands and cerulean waters. These include Macaroni beach which boasts azure waters and scattered thatched palm huts.


It’s warm! Mustique is perfect between December and April as the weather is between a balmy 75 to 80 degrees. Perfect weather for active Wills to explore the aquatic wildlife with a scuba diving expedition in the deep blue waters of the Caribbean.


The luxurious surroundings. The Cotton House Hotel is one of only two hotels on the island and is synonymous with the exclusivity that Mustique is so famous for. It is one of the most luxurious stays in the Caribbean islands and the hotel's services include everything from a butlered picnic to a speedboat service out to the breathtaking Tobago Cays. The island is also peppered with spacious private villas like the one the Middleton family has rented.


Privacy. Mustique doesn’t have the best beaches in the Caribbean but it is extremely private. The only way pesky paparazzi could get a shot of the royal duo would be with very long lens from a boat in the ocean. The Duke and Duchess will be sheltered from prying eyes and be able to take in the tranquil atmosphere with complete peace of mind.


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