There are some movies which we love very much, and they have remained outstanding to us. But, have you ever considered that they are what they were meant to be? Probably not, the truth is that, there are movies which we love, yet they were not meant to be the way they are. Circumstances changed the course of the shooting. 

7 Movies Which Were Edited to Suit Context


“Neighborhood Watch” Now Known As “The Watch”

Would you imagine of a movie being called Neighborhood watch, when there is another movie which has been developed by a person from Neighborhood watch group? Well, that is the same scenario which happened. Immediately after shooting the movie, the aforementioned group did shoot theirs, 17 years old Trayvon Martin.

The two are quite different parties with different agendas and target groups. The movie “Neighborhood watch” was purely meant for comedy purpose. The one done by the Neighborhood watch group was an action movie that even did not have a sensible flow of events. In that case, the movie was changed, to help differentiate the two groups with different targets. To add on it, the people who did shoot what is now “The Watch” put many advertisements on their movie. This would aid in letting the people to know that, 17 years old Trayvon Martin was not theirs.


Hollywood Premiere by Sacha Baron Cohens

This producer has had some pieces of amazing movies, but when it came to shooting the latest movie, it was not business as usual. He and the other participants of the movie had a hard time. After a period of well though script, and only few hours to taking it live, things had to be changed in it. It is what can be referred to be a “must changes”. The movie contained scenarios which did not regard any respect to LaToya Jackson. It seemed to be a coincidence because, the same day that the premiere was to open, that is the same day when the brother to LaToya passed on.

Were on earth is it possible to find inhuman people, who would wish to let such scenarios appear while she was passing through such a difficult time? That would only be next to being insane, and for that case, the movie had some of the portions removed and edited. Actually, most of that work was done by the producer. Most of the actors involved had no idea of what was going on. Thanks to the producer, when they saw it, they were relieved. It had some respect for human life.


Nightmare on Elm Street

Wes Craven made the movie addressing the then social evil. He had first envisioned Freddy Krueger acting the role that they wanted him to act in the second time when the movie was being revisited. The idea was, he was to become a child molester. That was not relevant at first, because of the emerging issues which saw the change in steering it. It had to address the rituals which were connected with the day care providers to the devil. That is what was happening then, and he was given the character of cold blooded child murderer. That made sense.

However, when it was to be revisited, what was the first thought of the producer became relevant. This was as a result of what was happening. It turned out that the second was better off because it was real compared to the first one which was not based on factual.


The Strange Love

This is a movie which was delayed after the Assassination of John F. Kennedy. It was not directed to him, though it has some instances which had some implications. Realizing it into the market would have had fatal implications. The actors of the movie are said to have enjoyed acting the movie to the point that they went overboard to increase some things. It was about the fight between the worlds leaders, with all of them remaining messed up.

One of the actors talked of something like having a good time in Dallas, and that is the place where the president got assassinated. They had to change it from Dallas to Vegas. There was yet another very delicate scenario when the president got hit in the face as a result of the fight, and one of the actors, Turgidson announces that the “gallant president has been struck down in his prime” these were some of the instances which could have been thought to be implied but it was coincidental. In that case, they edited it and released it later into the market.


Movies Shoot After the Tragedy of the Fallen American Building by the Terrorists

This saw changes in the way the Hollywood movies would be like. It was a difficult time for those who wanted to shoot action movies, as well as for those who had already done theirs waiting release into the market. Especially, the movies which were done in the buildings left the producers with very few choices not to know what to do. Some of the movies like the Spider man and Zoolander decided to do away with it and went to shoot from different places. There are others who were deviant not to.

Ever since, most of the movies are acted cautiously because of the factor of terrorism. They are made with an aspect of downplaying terrorism. That scenario is one of the major world’s tragedies leading to changing of movies to fit the context of the society and happenings.



This was a movie that never made it. It was to be acted from the world trade center in America which was terrorized. The script has Jackie Chan as the main actor, who was to be characterized to be a worker who used to wash the windows. He was to take after some terrorists who had the agenda of bombing the building which represents the liberalization of the country.

The movie was completely done away with after the building was terrorized on September 11. Acting the movie would not be doing any good other than causing more pain to them who lost their loved ones from the same place.


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

This movie was later changed to be, “A film from Health Ledger and friends”. This was a result of the death of the main actor when it was at the middle. Ledger was known to be one of the best actors from the performance he did in “The Dark Knight”. His fans were waiting for the next piece from him, which was never to be. Most of the people though that at his death, the movie would not take on, but they were wrong.

Terry Gilliam is not one of the people who will leave what they have started at the middle, and especially a movie. It is this gifting which led him to take on the friends of Ledger to fill in the gap. The friends were Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Jonny Depp. The story line was tailored to celebrate a one last performance from an actor once dearly cherished. The producer did not welcome some other actors who wanted to be part, because these three had the heart to let the wages they earned from the movie to be passed to Ledgers daughter. The other actors were not.


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