Every viewer has different point of views and taste when comes to watching movies. Different movies are also produce on various reasons, which are intended for different types of viewers. A particular movie, producers, directors and actors have their own way in awakening viewer’s senses. It could be through graphical effects, sound effects or through making clichés to get the viewer’s attention out of boredom. On the other hand, there are filmmakers who doesn’t care about gaining some critical praise for as long as their movie is a success when comes to financial gain. There are some movies that does not consider values and morality from which writers focuses on bloodlusts and creepiness of the movie such as Saw, Curse of Chuck, I Spit On Your Grave, and more. Some writers believe that cruelty is more attractive than intellect and they produce movies that are incredibly hard to watch by a normal viewer. 7 of these movies are the following.

7 Movies That Are Incredibly Hard to Watch


A Clockwork Orange - 1971

A Clockwork Orange is a movie derived from the novel of Anthony Burgess and a production of Stanley Kubrick. The movie setting portrays future Britain where extreme brutality, rape and killings are widespread on the country. The movie is so heartbreaking. Terrorism and killing of innocent seemed as a habit by the heartless Young Alex De Large until he was captured by the government and goes under rehabilitation. The point of the story is quite confusing, but as viewers watch it through, it focuses on brutal treatment and punishment that happens in real life.


Cannibal Holocaust – 1980

Cannibal Holocaust is a film for individuals with a strong mind and a strong stomach as well. It is a twisted film that seemed like the worst hell. The film focuses on animal killings as well as sexual violence that viewers will surely won’t last watching it through its ending. The movie seemed like real that any viewer will certainly not forget the things that he have witnessed while watching the movie. Those with a weak stomach would no longer want to eat after watching the movie. The movie features extreme violence from which several countries are banning the movie especially Italy and Australia. RuggeroDeodato, who was the director of the movie, was arrested after the premier of Cannibal Holocaust. He was arrested from obscenity charges and for making an annihilating film. Banning of the movie didn’t go long as it is hard to stop it on many places. Considering moral views, the film is impossible and brutal. Well, it is hard to sit long watching the movie, and there could only be 1 out of a thousand that could last watching it.


Se7en - 1995

There have been movies in the 1990s that features brutality and psychologically influencing thrillers that feature worst killings. In 1991, the film “The Silence of the Lamb” by Sir Anthony Hopkins awakens the human race with the inhumanness of criminals that could happen in real life. Watching Se7en will give viewers a horrible feeling. The story begins and focuses on two detectives in charge of a homicide case, who were chased by a serial killer who send off his victims on the seven deadly sins. Thus, the film portrays evil deeds in the purest way that any human can do, and such brutality does exist, even today.


Natural Born Killers – 1994

Natural Born Killers has the story in it. It is a sad and brutal story to be true in someone’s real life. Well, there are real life stories that somehow relates to the movie. Though there could be something the the whole should pounder about the movie, there is so much violence that are being featured on the movie. The story goes with a husband and wife, who became dou killers because of their childhood experiences and misfortunes. Mickey played by Woody Harrelson, has an abusive childhood experience that made him live the same way. On the other hand, Mallory (wife of Mickey), played by Juliet Lewis, has the worst experience with his abusive father which include sexual and physical abuse had turned her into a killer. From their brutal past experiences, they made a brutal future by killing people that is something unreasonable for a normal individual. The whole movie and the story are unpleasant and could be disturbing in every person’s psychological demeanor.


The Devil’s Rejects - 2005

This could be another ridiculous horror movie. It’s horrible. It portrays devil works, and it’s something hard to see brutal killings that seemed out of reason or out of a sense. The story focuses on the the Firefly family who does the brutal killing as if they were the devils. The characters in the movie got nothing to do but to kill, and that makes the movie hard to watch. The movie is more terrifying than the earlier films produced by Rob Zombie, the director. There is no doubt that he is good at producing horror sequel, but it takes a sick mind to watch the movie until the ending.


Tokyo Gore Police – 2008

The movie is bloody, very bloody, and it is impossible. It does not give any realistic story, but the thrill is there and it will take a strong heart and guts to watch a movie through its ending. It features just violence and as you watch the movie; you will get confused of where the story is heading as you can only see violence and brutal killings.

From the direction of Yoshihiro Nishimura, the Japanese movie is enhanced with impressive graphical and sound effects that could blast off the viewer’s veins. The movie is characterized with different creature, a strange alien that anyone won’t even believe such creature exists. Well, it’s not the fright that makes the movie hard to watch. It is the endless killing and violence that it portrays. It’s continuous, and it’s absurd.


Maniac – 2013

If the early series of Maniac has crumpled your intestines within, the more you will feel when watching Maniac (the remake version), which does not deal only with gunshots but if deals with extremely brutal killing that could keep your eyes close with an immense feeling of terrifying distress. Watching the movie could affect the psychological aspects of the viewer especially on the scenes when Elijah, the main character, who was the serial killer, targets young women to get their scalps to be used as headpieces for his mannequin collections. It’s horrible for a person to do such thing. The act truly portrays evil as you watch young girls scream during the killer slices their heads and die on the killer’s hands. It’s a worst thing to come true. The movie is not good for young children as it can give worst influence on young minds.


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