If you enjoyed watching Mean Girls, here are 7 more similar movies that you can watch and perhaps do a movie marathon.



3 girls are asked to be bridesmaids for a old highschool friend. They ended up messing up her wedding gown before the actual wedding. In a desperate attempt to fix the situation, an adventure ensues but it turns into a night of partying and booze.


Easy A(2010)

Olive(Emma Stone), a rather mellow and low key teenager decides to spice up her life with some drama as she starts a lie about her losing her virginity. When the high school busybody finds out about this and starts telling the entire school about it, Olive suddenly becomes popular...but for the wrong reasons.


I Love You, Beth Cooper(2009)

Denis(Paul Rust) has a crush on Beth(Hayden Panettiere), who is considered the hottest girl in his school. Denis decides to declare his secret crush during his graduation speech, expecting to be laughed at. Instead, Beth shows up the next day at his house, promising to show him the time of his life.


Sorority Wars(2009)

2 good friends since childhood named Katie and Sara. A host of events lead to Katie refusing to side with her own sorority the Deltas that was founded by her mother. Sara stays while Katie ends up joining rivals Kappa. The rivalry intensifies...


Bring It On: In It to Win It(2007)

A high school senior named Carson is determined to lead her cheerleading team to victory against her rival team, who are equally just as good. Things go south when Carson falls for a guy on the rival team and a bad incident caused both squads to be suspended for the competition...


John Tucker Must Die(2006)

John Tucker(Jesse Metcalfe) is a playboy that is dating 3 women at the same time. When all 3 girls realized they have been fooled by John, they asked a new girl in town for help to toy with John's heart and leave him heart brokened. They want to destroy his reputation...but the new girl starts falling for John!



Cher is a clueless, rich and popular student in Beverly Hills. She is able to manipulate most situations to her advantage. When a new girl named Tai transfers to her school, she decided give her a makeover and find her a boyfriend. In the process, she ends up liking the "boyfriend" she found for Tai...

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