Composed of a large cast with big names, X-MEN: Days of Future Past is one of the biggest hit movies that have truly met all viewer’s expectations. The fact that Marvel Studios have done their best in producing various films like Avengers Universe and Spiderman, there is no doubt that X-MEN: Days of the Future Past is a world-renowned quality. Although there are some misused characters, the movie is still praiseworthy. Below are few of the legendary yet misused X-MEN characters from the franchise.

7 Great but Misused Characters in the ‘X-Men’ Franchise


Cyclops - Scott Summers (James Marsden and Tim Pocock) from X-MEN 1-3

Cyclops, played by James Marsden is supposed to be the fort-runner instead of the Wolverine character. However, in the franchise, the character of Wolverine is made to be the primary role which is can be considered out of shape from the original series. Furthermore, the character of Cyclops was only given a little exposure and character builds. What’s worst is, the character ended with a sudden death within the first 20 minutes only of X-MEN: The Last Stand. The same thing happens on the X-MEN ORIGINS by which the role of Cyclops was played by Tim Pocock.The role was made little and pointless.The same mistake is supposed to be corrected with X-MEN: Days of the Past, but still it remained noticeable. Well, this is a big disappointment especially those idolizing the character of Cyclops. Though X-MEN: The Last Stand movie is a success, several fans were hoping that the role of Cyclops will be given significance on the next series.


Wade Wilson (Deadpool) Played by Ryan Reynolds (X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE)

For many years, the role of Deadpool on various X-MEN series is one of the most loved fellows. Most reader and viewers loveDeadpool’s character because of his violent yet strong and witty traits. Frequently, his character is presented with black or red superhero suit along with a pair of Samurai swords, portraying a role of a swordsman. He also has a gun. When fans found out that Ryan Reynolds is included on X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE movie, great excitement filled their senses, but when the movie was released, though it’s a good movie, the role played by Reynolds was made to be an incontrollable super zombie with great powers. That mistake was also found on the franchise. Good thing that several reports are telling that a spin-off on the character of Deadpool is taking some changes.


Remy Labeau (Gamblit) – Played by Taylor Kitsch on X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

Gambit is one of the most favorite character of X-MEN series on both comic and movie categories. The character was first created on the 1990s from which it had appeared several times on various animated series of X-MEN and made it one of the most popular roles that should be given significance. Some speculations are telling that the character will have an appearance on X-MEN: THE LAST STAND by Bret Ratner. However, the film was produced with so many characters and left Gambit available on comics and animations only for three years and a little hope was seen when the character is going to appear at X-MEN Origins: Wolverine, the character of Remy Labeau, it turned out to be a disappointment again as the character was only given a limited exposure that lasts in a few minutes only with just a minimal dialogue. Well, everybody is hoping to have this mistake will be eliminated on upcoming series. Many X-MEN enthusiasts look after that day to come.


Nightcrawler – Played by Allan Cumming on X-MEN 2

The character of Nightcrawler may not be very popular to many viewers and readers as it is out of sorts on several comics and X-MEN movie series. Alan Cumming played the role on X-MEN 2, which is a Bryan Singer’s movie production. The character becomes well recognized because it was well adapted with its cool make-ups and prosthetics. The character, as well as its super powers is well-portrayed making the film the finest from all other series that is being produce in 15 years. After the big hit, the character was never seen again on following X-MEN series. The coming of X-MEN: THE LAST STAND, of Bret Ratner’s, gave hope to X-MEN followers to spot the character of Nightcrawler. Unfortunately, Alan Cumming dropped the role because it requires hard make-ups that seemed so useless for a character given with poor exposure. Apparently, Bryan Singer told that he has interest for Nightcrawler’s character and it shall be seen again on its returning movie, X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.


Warren Worthington III (Angel) – Played by Ben Foster on X-MEN: THE LAST STAND

Ben Foster’s role in playing the character of “Angel” is one of the most awaited moments by many X-MEN enthusiasts and movie viewers. From the pre-release of X-MEN: THELAST STAND, the character of Angel portrays impressive performance accompanied with great visual effects that makes the character standout. Unfortunately, many viewers got disappointed from its release as they found out that Angel was also one of the misused charactersthat were only given a short appearance, which is not how fans expected it to be. Maybe because of their uncertain advertisements which frequently feature Angel on the scene from a skyscraper window on his leather costume and taking a flight, which is not that much to expect on the movie. The truth is, Angel never really joined the X-MEN team in good exposure, which makes the character pointless. From the mistakes, Foster expresses his interest on the character and the chance of having Angel a good scene for X-MEN APOCALYPSE is highly regarded.


Lady Deathstrike – Played by Kelly Hu (X-MEN 2)

Along with Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight, X-MEN 2 is also recognized as one of the finest superhero movies of all times. However, there are still some mistakes in some roles played in X-MEN 2. Lady Deathstrike, played by Kelly Hu, is one of the most significant roles in the movie. The character portray’s a lovely lady who was a very dangerous mutant controlled by Brian Cox William Stryker. Deathstrike’s character is a lady replication of Wolverine. The character was shown impressively on its appearance from which, Deathstike is the finale fight of Wolverine. The disappointing part of the movie comes on its ending when Lady Deathstrike was killed by Wolverine. Several critics give their point of views about the ending and it should not have the kind of ending because it closes the chance for the character of Deathstrike to be revived in the future series of X-MEN movies. In some point, Deathstrike’s character is a huge one, but there is no way to revive her character on the future.


Juggernaut – Played by Vinnie Jones on X-MEN: THE LAST STAND

Though X-MEN movies already have a good mark on the history of superhero films, there are some series that are quite taken away because of poor scripting and wrong way of administering roles. Juggernaut, played by Vinnie Jones, is supposedly a very important role in the film but the character was only given poor exposure and less dialogue. Several viewers were not really happy on how the X-MEN: THE LAST STAND story goes. There is a big lack on it. What’s worst is, Juggernaut was killedon a final battle with Jean Grey (The Phoenix), which is something very disappointing. Just like Deathstrike from X-MEN 2, there is no way to revive the character back.


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