Have you ever tricked your boyfriend that you are pregnant? Just imagine his reaction when he supposes you’re pregnant? Many young ladies fake pregnancy test to identify with the pressure handling situations of their boyfriends. Even you can trick anybody to believe you’re pregnant, all you need to do is to put up a good acting show backed by proofs. Proofs? How to fake a pregnancy test when you really not pregnant? Well, to fake a pregnancy test, you can do some alterations in your real pregnancy test kit too.

But wait! Remember the below mentioned six things before you learn how to fake a pregnancy test:


Fake Pregnancy Test Kits Are Available in the Market

Yes, there are many fake pregnancy test kits available in the market that always results positive, putting the subject of the joke in some discomfort. It is designed in such a way that it always results positive, no matter you are pregnant or not. Well, but before you learn how to fake a pregnancy test with such phony kits, make sure the subject doesn’t know anything about the kits. Ensure the subjects that pregnancy test kits never fail and they always show the correct result. A little bit convincing power is required!

There are possibilities you will be told take pregnancy test again, this time in front of them. So to be on safe side, get more than one fake pregnancy test kits at your disposal. You can take the other fake pregnancy kit to assure them you’re pregnant.

Still, if they don’t believe as you have used ‘anonymous’ brand’s kit, try replacing the fake pregnancy kit with the real one inside the box. You’ll require quick presence of mind for that.

Before trying it out actually in front of the subject, first do the bit of rehearsals to test if the kit really works (I mean fake ones).


How to Fake a Pregnancy Test with Soda

If you have are being offered real pregnancy kit to test your certainty of being pregnant, you could still make it positive with use of soda. How does the pregnancy test kit work? The urine is being poured on the equipment & within five to six minutes red line starts appearing.

If there is just one line that means the test is negative. But if there is fainted second line along with first line, it means that the test is positive. The fake pregnancy kits always show the two lines (which is sign of being pregnant). The HCG (a pregnancy hormone) in the urine is being tested which determines the second line. When a woman is pregnant, her urine has traces of HCG which is being denoted by the kit.

The soda is said to have some properties similar to HCGs. When you dip the kit in soda, the kit mistakes it for HCG hormone and displays two lines instead of one i.e. indicating results are positive. Thus, the second line on the pregnancy kit is called as ‘pregnancy line.’

This way you can learn how to fake a pregnancy test with soda, so that when you are being provided with real kit, just look out for coke bottle.


Arrange for Some Fake Pregnancy Test Papers

This is way beyond extreme. You must have the setting with a gynecology clinic so that it can provide you some fake pregnancy test papers. You can say that’s it just for fun & convince the doctor. Moreover, you can bribe the accountant to create a fake pregnancy test papers for you. If you do not want to take the illegal route, you can create the fake pregnancy test papers yourself. Oh come on, lot of samples are available on the internet. All you have to arrange is for the stamp and doctor’s signature. If you are determined to pull a superb pregnancy prank, you need to make it look really genuine by officially stamping it on the paper.

But one thing should be kept in mind that do not involve too many people in the prank as all of them might not be able to pull it off as effectively.


How to Get That Faint Line on Pregnancy Test Kit

Apart from the soda test, you can get faint line on pregnancy test kits with some acids. All that is needed for a fake pregnancy prank is that second faint line on pregnancy test kit that is the sign of you being pregnant. The best available technique is use of soda, but the line can be very dark.

An experienced person might catch your prank if the pregnancy line is very dark. During early months of pregnancy, it should be very faint and should get darker as the pregnancy matures. If you are playing fake pregnancy prank, it definitely means the subject knows its early pregnancy and seeing the dark line might add the suspicion. So while pouring the soda on stick, put it drop by drop until faint red line appears, indicating the early HCG of the pregnancy.


How to Fake Pregnancy Test on Real Kit

Now what if this scenario occurs. You have faked a pregnancy test but the subject is not convinced, and he himself brings the real pregnancy kit. You cannot even use the soda bottle as the subject might be suspicious. How to fake a pregnancy test again, this time on a real kit without soda? You are four squared all sides here.

But if you are adamant to still fake pregnancy, keeping in mind this scenario, get some urine of pregnant women. It sounds so yuck to do that, but you can keep it handy in a small bottle. You can use her urine to show the positive results, this time it’s true for her urine.

But most likely, you’d love to go to such extreme just how to fake a pregnancy test.


Do Not Indulge in Over Acting as It Can Expose Your Trick

If you sound too ambitious and over-react to the situation, any smart subject would figure it out. Try to be as real as possible & behave like you’d have done when you’d be actually pregnant. Keep every possibility in mind and find every solution for it.

If you’re successful in controlling yourself and things fall in place as you’ve planned, you can help your friends how to fake a pregnancy test, as you’d be a master by now.



A fake pregnancy test is just meant for playing prank. It should not be done to an extreme that the subject of the prank gets too much emotionally disturbed. It is mostly done by the girlfriends on check how their boyfriends react to their unforeseen pregnancy. It also gives the stature of the subject how he handles himself in such a tricky situation. The fake pregnancy pranks are always accompanied with high drama and volatile tension. Always reconfirm after the prank that you are not really pregnant and were ‘just kidding.’ But on the fun point of view, fake pregnancy test should be quite a fun. What do you think?

So try playing how to fake a pregnancy test prank on your partner and say, “Honey, I have missed the period, am I pregnant?” And then start some fun and tension.


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