Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and making animals and other stuff with them. You can learn origami and modular origami on the internet. One wonders how they make such a beautiful animals and things with mere papers. With training, anyone can learn Origami. Now, after learning how to make an origami owl your turn your excitement into the following creative and useful steps.

6 Things to Do After Your Learn How to Make an Origami Owl


The best thing to do after learning how to make an origami owl is to practice it. We are very enthusiastic and excited when we learn something new. After some time, we just forget it. Studies, job, friends and other things take our attention away. So, when we remember after a month that I learned to make Origami owl or any other thing, by that time we have completely forgotten the steps. So, to avoid the annoyance, keep practicing. With practice you will keep the process intact in your mind. Similarly, with practice your process will get refined. You will get confidence to try to learn other things from owl origami.

Origami is such a fun activity, that it doesn’t let you get bored. Scientifically too, this is a skill. The thing with the skill is that new neuron connections are formed when we learn some skill. Every time we practice it, the connections get stronger and new are formed. This ultimately helps us not only in the skill but also sharpens our mind. So after learning how to make an origami owl, keep practicing. As they say: practice makes a man perfect!


After doing anything excessively, the next best thing is to get some rest. Now, as you have learned how to make an Origami owl and practiced it for some time, take some rest. Scientists tell that rest is very important in learning anything. That is why, parents and scientists advice that before exams day, a peaceful night sleep is necessary. After a wakeful night and a full sleep night, you can see the difference in your performance. 

So, sleep and rest cleanses the mind and important and useful information is retained. It would be best idea after practicing to have a rest for some time. Go out for a walk or play. Later, when your mind will be refreshed you would remember the steps of making paper owl origami more clearly.


Origami is such a good hobby and activity that it will keep you glued for hours. It is almost a game or play. So keep playing! After learning how to make an origami owl, move on to learn new things. It is such a prized thing that it will leave your friends impressed. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, Origami will make you score additional points. Go to websites that are dedicated to Origami to learn some new origami animals and things.

Children can also play this game quietly in home. Parents when they are taking their afternoon nap, this activity will give them a time when they can practice creativity without much noise making. It is an art too. You can collect your origami creatures in a safe place to show to your friends and relatives. Or take a photo of owl origami and other animals and frame this photo. As paper gets old, the photograph will keep your paper crafts fresh for years.


The next logical thing to do after learning how to make an origami owl is to teach it to others. This way you can perfect your own technique. Children are much amused when they see the cool stuff made with paper. The first apprentices you have are the children. The best thing about children is that if you go wrong you can make a good excuse. They will believe in it. You can teach your friends too. But they will laugh on you if your owl turns out to be some kind of unrecognizable creature. 

You can make a tutorial video on how to make an origami owl and put on the Internet. If you are good, you can earn some extra bucks with advertisements on your YouTube channel. If you do this, you need to keep your channel updated with new videos of your origami artwork from time to time.


Another thing you can do after learning how to make an origami owl is to take photos of your origami owl and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The likes of Facebook and shares will make you proud and give you confidence. You can share your tutorial video on these sites too. The hash tags will help others to search. You may make friends with other paper folding and origami hobbyists. You may also get new friend request by the people who would be totally impressed by your origami owl and other paper crafts.

Join Origami Community

Join origami community on the internet for learning how to make an origami owl and other stuff. Internet is full of resources that will help you learn new techniques in origami. With the help of internet you can connect with the origami experts. You will learn the origami techniques not as a skill but as an art form. Search the internet and you would see such a beautiful and colorful display of origami artwork that will make your mind pop out. Another aspect of modular origami is the next step further. This form of origami folding one or more unit of paper and combine them without any glue or thread, etc.

How on earth they make such a beautiful things with a simple piece of paper? The answer is a bit of technique and adding a tinge of creativity. Most of the origami practitioners are Japanese. You would learn more about Japanese and Japanese culture. Japanese culture is very vibrant. You can take motifs and themes from them. Colors and symbols such as dragons, kites and lanterns, etc will add depth in your colors when you would be painting your origami paper. Join origami and modular origami communities.


Origami, the art of folding paper and making things, is very cool and fun activity. You can spend many hours doing origami without getting bored. After learning for example how to make an origami owl, and other animals you can post your creative work on social media sites. Origami can make you popular among your friends. You can teach the art to your friends and children. Finally, join professional Origami clubs to learn new techniques and connect with professionals to learn these fabulous paper crafts.


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