Have you noticed something? The rules of doing business are totally changed- businesses are hiring professionals, reaching to the new customers, etc. through the new ways.

Now, it becomes expensive to do anything on the large scale, and much cheaper at a micro scale. People are moving towards individual connections rather than connecting to the mass-market. When customers are purchasing any products, they wanted to know answers of questions like how products will benefitted, how much it costs and so on. They also wanted to know others’ review about product they are going to purchase and thus, they are always exploring social networking sites.

However, we are listening to our clients and enable them to find a new way to get success with mobile application development. There are many developers facing problem with their mobile application development process.

We have experienced that all their problems are important and needed to be solved.

Thus, here we have listed 6 different problems with their solutions that enable developer to make their development task easier and simpler.

Communication and Cooperation

An experienced and talented team is must needed for developing robust applications.

If anyone wants to lengthen mobile application development cycle, they have to jointly work with business users, developers, designers and quality analytics.

Here, everyone finds himself or herself in a puzzle, as everyone has to need people’s input for developing application.

Now, we have a solution of utilizing new cloud tools that enable to connect in real-time.

Different users can see and change simultaneously by sharing the development environment online.

Like this, one can easily implement different knowledgeable input without using much time.


Security and compliance

There is no doubt that mobile applications are exposed to security threats.

Such thing is a huge burden for developers and thus, they have to make sure that the security and fulfillment of their application and data have protocols like user authentication, encryption, & hashing.

In order to solve this problem, you must have to deploy application in the secure container on the device and after that, have to connect with a secure service that saves all the application artifacts like code, content, data with AES-256 encryption.


Simple and Easy Mobile App Development

Do you think that mobile application development is pain-free and efficient?

We believe it is and it should be.

Uncountable tools are available that enable developers to improve their mobile application development process through a complete platform that has support for the entire application lifecycle like:

A cloud-based visual development environment

Incorporated backend services

Actual collaboration

Safe & Protected containers



How we forget that the coding is the most painful task for developers, who worked with multi-platform development with committed time frame?

Coding minimizes speed and productivity of those developers, who are working from the start.

And, we all know that time is of the core for the ever-growing mobile apps market.

Such thing is very important when you are first developing an application. However, it is not a vital when updating an application.

All thanks to the regular updates that are providing visual development environment and “low coding” platform for continuing savings.


All Devices, Platform Releases, And Networks Supportable

There are numerous upgrades of models and devices available, from smart device to watches.

To make limitation of checking repeatedly and ensure continued support, it would be great to use MBaaS systems with drag and drop visual UI builders that available to make process easy.

Additionally, choosing Hybrid and HTML5 app development rather than native development enables to develop hybrid mobile apps and responsive web applications from the same code base.

Application is also created once and developers are deploying it across all the different devices and screen sizes.

Moreover, HTML5 applications seem to be great as it is made of JavaScript frameworks like Angular JS, jQuery Mobile, and Bootstrap.

As we all know that mobile browsers and devices are getting faster and thus, it enables to increase HTML5-based apps’ performance.


Tools and SDKs

One of the biggest pains for mobile application developers is to download and manage all the needed software development kits and tools for their task.

It is must for them to update the latest versions and have to ensure that all the team members are working on the same version. It causes pains to developers’ time.

It would be great to add cloud-based development process through which you can simple develop application on the browser. However, you don’t have to make investment for maintaining infrastructure and tools.

Rather than, mobile app developers can concentrate on developing robust application.

These are some problems that actually mobile app developers are facing when developing application for any device.

If you are also any problem when developing application, then contact Perception System for 24*7 help. We are also providing a complete solution of mobile development services at reasonable rate through experts with 5+ years of experience.


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