Star Trek movie is about to be released for filming. As all indications are, the film is most likely to be a reboot of the common khan storyline. This is the best time to look back and observe how we got here. This is because we are in a place where franchise that was all about heading forward is revisiting the past. The move is sudden as all is being thrown in reverse instead of focusing on the future. Finding out where Star Trek began to go wrong is simple. Things started to head the wrong way with Voyager just like every die-hard Trek fan will inform you.

Voyage was the fourth series of Star Trek to be aired on television. However, the preceding three were deeply successful in an exceptional way. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine also had an award winning success despite the fact that it never acquired the Next Generation ratings.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that Star Trek: Voyager was a complete failure. It lasted the indispensable seven seasons. In between the duration that the shows were on air, there were quite a number of motivated instants. Star Trek was not killed by the Voyager though it was the start of a trend that destroyed it. A fault in the vision of Gene Rodenberry was first sensed in the Voyager. The situation became worse following the absence of the voyage on air. The next series of Trek was stopped from being aired just after its commencement. In the long run, no one turned up to see the Next Generation movies. This was due to the fact that they were not any good.

Star Trek was never killed by Voyager; however, this was a sign of the end. The causes of the failure of this franchise all began here. It was put in a tailspin whose only solution is the present reboot. These are the six main causes of the Voyager never living up to its Star Trek glory.

6 Reasons Why the Voyage Never Really Worked in Star Trek


Janeway Should Have Been Given The Character of a Fem Captain Kirk and Not That of a Fem Captain Picard

Kate Mulgrew who had the role of Captain Katherine Janeway admitted in a recent interview that she never gave her all in the character. The actress claimed that her home life was in chaos thus torn between raising a family and a career. Nevertheless, the fault was not entirely the actress. It was the character they gave Kate Mulgrew as it was not successful. It is clear that while creating the first female Captain of Star Trek, the producers of the Voyage went for a female Picard. They should have switched it to a female Captain Kirk.

Picard role was successful because the traditional character of Captain Kirk the alpha male stereotype was weakened. A female cast of the character Picard would fit best as Janeway always plays the role. The entire movie required was a female captain who was a dynamic and had a take charge personality. What we got was an overly-liberal pushover, moralizing character ready to throw away the lives of her crew without any good reason. This made her superior just like her crew where she pranced around in frilly dresses on the holodeck. The performance of Mulgrew was passable as well as Janeway having her moments. However, the whole plan of the kind of Captain Star Trek: Voyage was clearly not a good idea from the beginning. This was not the fault of the writer or Kate. The bad idea that they were stack with was sadly the main character on the entire show. Moreover, nobody figured out her best use in the show.


B’ Elanna Torres Acts as Meg Griffin

The Voyager team expected B’Elanna Torres to be strong, balls to the wall, fiery, take no prisoners Janeway character should have been. This is as everyone expects her to be according to how the show is written. Other roles reference her well-known high temper, toughness as well as her frightening behavior. This is however just talk as none of the things Voyager has in thoughts come out in reality. As a result of this, partly thanks to the awful performance from Roxanne Dawson the Meg Griffin character. This is the worst role on Family Guy. This is because she is a running joke where everyone acknowledges how horrible she is.


Chakotay as a Racist Character

Chakotay is a Native American first officer of the Voyage. The character is not developed as a human being. The show seems to be only interested in filming up the Native American angle other than developing the role as a human. The original Trek featured characters according to their share of tribal typecast. The obsession of Scotty drinking Scotch did not rely on them entirely for instance. He never wore a kilt in the engine room. As for Chekov, he did not meander around convincing everyone to be communists despite praising Russia with bigadvances in human history. Voyager contained a character in the ship explaining the gains in using high-tech, electronic peyote.


Most Interesting Characters are the Lowest Ranked

Coming to the main root of the problem, the most interesting characters have roles that are not in charge of anything. The chief engineer is Debbie Downer a space faring while the first officer is high. The bleeding heart who is the Captain is almost incompetent. The best characters of the show include a holographic Doctor who is always confined to a sickbay. An explorer who is an alien stuck behind their kitchen stove. There is also a beautiful Borg who never leaves a cargo bay and always sits in front of a map in between the bowels of the ship. Upon realizing how great the characters are the show results in concentrating the episodes around the Doctor, Neelix and Seven of Nine.


Voyager Does Not Utilize the Premises Fully

The casts never knew how to utilize the premises fully. It is a good location as it would have revived the whole Star Trek universe through being on top of its head. The Voyager used a story about trapped ship in frantic circumstances to narrate stories that could be told almost in every old show of Star Trek. The Voyage revisited a familiar story involving the predicament of the crew rather than being a staple of other stories.


Overusing of Technology Until It Loses All Meaning

The movie spent a lot of time on the holodeck than any other Star Trek has before. Most of the episodes evolve around holographic worlds rather than the real ones. Replicators are used often to the extent of becoming less technology but more magic.



The whole show becomes more like a fan zone than an actual storytelling spot. However, Voyager had great times despite its problems. The movie has interesting episodes that are breathtaking.


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