Have you ever had the irresistible curiosity of how to fly a kite? Well, you are at the right place. It doesn't matter whether you have developed the desire overnight or over the years-all that matters is that you are here! Everything has its own ways. But never worry, the below points will help you obtain a complete idea of what Kite Flying is, and in no time, you would be flying kites.

Let’s look at the 6 points that help you on how to fly a kite.

6 Important Facts to Know Before Learning How to Fly a Kite

What Is a Kite?

A kite is just a light object with an aerodynamic surface, i.e., light-weighted and having low air resistance. It is nothing but an object that overcomes gravity and flies due to its light weight. A kite, usually a rhombus, has a thread attached to it. The tension exerted by this thread enables a kite to remain under the control of the person operating it. 

Kite Making is another important lesson one needs to learn before learning how to fly a kite. But these definitions are just the prerequisite. You need nothing but a big paper, two strong sticks and a thread-it's as easy as it can get!

What is the Science Behind It?

Have you ever wondered why people fly a kite, standing on the terrace? Safety, some say. That is definitely true but basically, a kite has its ideal characteristics only when it is allowed to fly at high altitudes. Only then, the surplus air that flows above the kite's surface sustains its lift. This produces pressure changes. The surface above the kite develops a low pressure while the surface below the kite develops a high pressure, enabling it to sustain its flight.

A kite's lift is also decided by its surface area. Greater the surface area, greater is the lift. So, whenever you see someone flying a kite, standing on a street, imbue them with the science behind a kite.

How to Make Your Own Kite

So far, you have learnt the background of the kite mechanism. The background is important, but where's the fun if there is no creativity? It is said that kites originated in China. Hopefully yours should be of a better quality (nothing intended). Kite Making is as simple as eating a cake. 

All you need are a newspaper, a scissor, a tape and a string. A kite string is preferable, but any strong and handy string is fine. As the structure suggests, fold the corners of a newspaper to make it a rhombus. Attach two sticks to provide the paper, a strong support. Attach a thread to one of the four corners of the structure obtained. Use scissors and tape and you have made a kite, all by yourself! Is a plain kite enough? Add some paintings or creative drawings to your kite. Make it your insignia!

How to Actually Fly a Kite?

Now you have made a kite; you know how it works. So what's next! Go fly a kite and have some fun. Get a partner to accompany you because there has to be someone to wind and unwind the thread from the ball of string. If you hold the ball of string then, your friend must hold the kite. Ask your friend to face the direction of wind and you face him. Unwind some 15 meters of string. See that there are no obstacles like a tree or a tall building at the height where you guess your kite would fly. When there is a sudden flow of wind, use that for the take-off. 

Release the kite (you still holding the ball and your friend, the thread). Don't fly it too high for the thread may break. It can also slightly cut the palms of the kite-holder. But, if done with care, only fun would prevail. So, you know the kite background, Kite Making and how to fly a kite. You are almost done. Just a few steps to success!

Some Cautions on Kite Flying

Life is but a fair coin. If it has merits, it got to have demerits as well. But if the precautions are followed perfectly, how to fly a kite is no woe to lament upon. You have to be very cautious about where we fly our brand new kite, to avoid disturbances and risks to others, especially when using a nylon string or one that has a moderate to high tensile strength. How to fly a kite safely and for us to be able to create an experience worth reliving, fly it atop a roof or on the top floor of your house, or on any high building, definitely not on the streets. Some governments have even banned them from use since there are people dying due to accidents resulting from flying a kite. So, it's always advisable to use kites safely.

Secondly, don't let your string be too weak only for the hard hand-crafted kite to be lost to the wind God (with all due respect to the God of wind). We don't want our kite to be lost that way, do we? Remember the precautions and you will be just fine. After all, nothing comes without a baggage of misfortunes.

How to Fly Kite with Some Experimentation

A lot of people do have the habit of spending quite some time making artsy kites for them to show off to friends and family. So if you're really into it, try creating more flying kites with different shades, shapes and patterns that might be to your liking or your friends'. 

A little experimenting in the aerodynamics of the kite will leave you bewildered with new patterns of flights and creative new shapes. You may also consider giving it as gifts to your friends. I'm sure they'll love it. A cheap and touching gift, what more can you expect! All things said and done, call your friends, family, go fly a kite, and have a blast.


There is also largest international kite flying carnival in Ahmedabad (India) during the Uttrayan (Makar sankranti) festival. Many different kites are exhibited from all over the world and night sky is filled with amazing lanterns.

Do let us know your experience in the kite flying and also attach the images of your creative and amazing new kites. Make your flying kites as high as possible! Still front of your desktop? Step out. Go fly a kite!


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