For students who have unfortunately failed to qualify for MBBS,here are suggestion for them that are ultimate career options.

6 Best Ultimate Career Options for Pre-Medical Students



BDS in Pakistan and in the entire world has got a scope and the income ratios of dentists are quite surprising.excellent jobs for the dentist are available at government and private sector both.the job and pay ratio are both at a higher level.the other reason why you should go for BDS is that a doctor has always got a social fame and a prestige in the its a better choice to adopt.



Pharmacy is another best option to adopt as a career as pharmacist are the manufacturers of medicine. they all also doctors and are appointed at higher level jobs and quite a good earning can be noticed in this field.private sector in this field is also very profitable. don't loose hope.



veterinary is a course of five years and it includes medicine and physical therapies of animals. veterinary doctors are broadly accepted and in Pakistan they are appointed at BPS 17.private companies can hire veterinarians and they can also be very much demanding to the people connected to the business of livestock and every sort of dairy and poultry farming.they have higher digits pays.



those who have done their intermediate in pre-medical can also apply and carry on their career with geology.In Pakistan University of Peshawar is offering geology and is ranked as top.geology is a field basically related to earth and all the process occurred,ongoing and upcoming on the earth.geologist are highly demanding in oil and gas companies.they are helpful in almost every field of engineering related to building and construction because they are much aware with the kind of soil and earth chose for construction.they have got reasonable and profitable pays.



Agriculture is not merely source of employment but a complete way of life in countries like Pakistan. The future of a career in this field in Pakistan is very bright. One can find farming jobs very easily after successfully completing a degree programmed in this field.they are also appointed as BPS 17  by government and in private sector.agriculture is a very vast field which has more specialization programs and one can easily make a good earning with it.



A degree in biotechnology is now a days considered much important as these people are connected to the new ways biological has a lots of other aspects as specialization programs.biotechnology is no doubt an emerging and prevailing kind of science and surely would become as a top grosser in coming days.


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