Here are some really good anime that you should watch after finishing Wolf Girl and Black Prince(Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji). They are just as good as this show. Check them out!

6 Animes Similar to Wolf Girl and Black Prince


Itazura na Kiss

The protagonist of the story is Kotoko Aihara. The story starts when she confesses her feelings to a fellow senior, Naoki, that she has loved him from a distance ever since she first met him during the first day of high school. Naoki on the other hand, being exceptional at both academics and athletics, and being a handsome guy, rejects her on the spot. Kotoko's house gets destroyed due to an earthquake. Therefore, Kotoko and her father have to live in her father's childhood best friend's house, whose son just happens to be Naoki. Fate gradually begins to bind their future together.


Lovely Complex

The two main characters are the polar opposites in terms of stature. The heroine, Risa Koizumi, is very tall while the hero, Atsushi Ōtani, is much shorter than the girl. Atsushi only reaches up to Risa's mouth. Their path collides through an unexpected circcumstance. A tall student, Ryouji Suzuki, shows up in summer school and Risa falls for him due to his tall height. Whereas, Atsushi likes another girl. Both Atsushi and Risa decide to team up and help each other get their respective romance interests. However, their efforts becomes futile when the people they both crush on become a couple instead. In the process though, both of them had become the best of friends and through that, their own love story begins.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Seika high used to be an all boys school full of notorious students. After some time, it became a co-ed school, however, the population of female students students still remained low. Misaki Ayuzawa, a female student, strives to change and reform the school to be more suitable and safer for female students. The teachers support her too and she eventually becomes the first female student counsel president of the school. 

However, her secret is that she works part time at a maid cafe to support her family. Takumi Usui, a popular boy from school, finds out Misaki's secret but instead of disclosing it, he becomes a regular at the cafe. He finds himself attracted to her because she was not like the other girls he knew. Akumi being an illegitimate child of an English royal family, makes it forbidden for him to form a relationship with anyone outside his social circle. However, the two eventually become a couple, but their relationship faces an abundance of hurdles due to Takumi's social standing. 


Ore Monogatari

The main character is Takeo Gōda, a muscular and tall student but he does not have much luck with girls. As every girl that he falls for always ends up choosing his charismatic and attractive best friend, Makoto Sunakawa instead. However, this changes the day he saves a shy and petite girl who falls in love with Takeo instead of falling for his best friend, Makoto. Thus breaking his bad luck with girls.



The two protagonists are Raku Ichigo and Chitoge Kirisaki, both of their parents are gang rivals. They meet when Chitoge hops over a wall and knees Raku. She runs away and that is when Raku realizes that he has lost a locket that his childhood sweetheart gave him. After finding out that Chitoge is his new classmate, he forces her to help him find the locket. In the process, they begin to detest each other. 

After they return home, both of them find out that both their parents gangs have agreed to settle their dispute by matching their two children, Raku and Chitoge. Therefore, they have to pretend to be a couple for the next three years. Their animosity for each other and Raku's crush on another school-mate makes it more difficult. Several other conditions, including Chitoge's over-protective female body guard, worsen their predicament.


Peach Girl

The protagonist of the story is Momo Adachi. Her classmates stereotype her due to her easily-tanned skin and bleached hair as an "easy girl" and is the victim of many rumors that had been spread about her. Unknown to Momo, her only friend, Sae, is the person responsible for spreading rumors about her because she is jealous of her. Momo is in love with Toji, but Sae is also in love with Toji. More dramas and complications are added to Momo's life when a playboy, Kairi Okayasu, is determined to win Momo's heart and make her his.


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