Magnets play a significant role in our daily life. We can’t imagine our life without magnets. Magnets have made our work very easy. After understanding the concept of how to make magnet we used them for manufacturing innovative things from electric bells to magnetic generator and magnets have helped us in hassle free work. 

You probably know about how to magnetize metal, but do you know what metals are magnetic? Do you know the functions of magnet and other things you should remember after learning about how to magnetize metal? Let us know some important facts to remember after learning how to magnetize metal.

5 Things to Remember After You Learn How to Magnetize Metal

You Can’t Magnetize Any Metal of Your Choice

If you think that you can magnetize any metal of your choice after learning how to magnetize metal then you are completely wrong. After learning how to magnetize metal you should learn that what metals are magnetic so that you could use the concept of how to make magnet with the help of them. There are specific kinds of magnetic metals those possess the property to get magnetize such as iron, cobalt and other ferri or ferro magnetic. Metals those have free movement of dipoles to get magnetize only those metals are referred as magnetic metals. 

If you have understood how to make magnet from metals then try it using on magnetic metals or you’ll not get results. The best magnetic metal known from a long time is iron which is found in earth in huge quantity. It is said that the currents of lava inside earth are mixture of iron and other metals those are responsible for magnetic fields of the earth.

Heating Up the Metal or Beating It Will Result tn the Loss of Magnetic Property

It is true that a permanent magnet or magnetized metal can be recharged by beating it. But this process of beating should be in proper direction and with specific pressure otherwise magnetic phenomena of metals will be lost. One another important fact to remember after learning how to magnetize metal is that you should protect it from heating. Heating magnetized metals will result in the loss of their magnetic power. 

The same thing happens to permanent magnet so you should protect them from heating. If a permanent magnet loses its magnetic power then it is recharged with the help of pressure at controlled rates.

Magnet Generator Makes Work Easy

You must have seen people working with automatic drill machines or automatic screw driver but you might not know that it work because of magnetic metals used in it to work as magnet generator. These kinds of generators change electricity into force or force into electricity. After people came to know about how to magnetize metal, they carried out many experiments to use them as magnets in many things such as in electric door bells, magnetic cranes and other useful products. They also have successfully implemented these theories of using such magnetic metals into magnet generator so that it could produce electricity or mechanical energy. 

There are many places where magnet generator is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of kerosene oil. Have you ever noticed coil of fans, motors and other magnetic generator they all work on the basic principle of magnets that there is an attraction between different poles and repulsion between same poles which help shaft to rotate and sometimes permanent magnet is used instead of magnetic metal coil on its shaft.

Don’t Ground Yourself While Touching the Metal

After understanding the concept of how to magnetize metal and if you implement it on some magnetic metals then you must remember not to ground yourself when you touch the magnetized metal, because if you do so then the magnetic property of the metal will be vanished. You may also consider this concept of to demagnetize the magnetized metal. If you have understood about what metals are magnetic and then you are using them in place of magnets then make sure that they are not touching any grounded conductor. Otherwise you’ll not notice expected results from the experiment you are using it. 

Let us take an example of lift pulley which contains a motor and inside the motor there is a shaft that works as magnet because of electricity passing through it makes it to act like a permanent magnet. If at some time the shaft is grounded then the complete rounds of shafts will be stopped and the people inside lift would get into a great trouble.

Magnetized Metal Will Always Acts as Permanent Magnet Unless They Lose Magnetic Property

Only learning about how to magnetize metal is not enough, you should remember about how they’ll act so that you can use them where ever it is appropriate to use. If you are still wondering that what metals are magnetic, then use of a magnet is the best way to find it out. After magnetizing a metal from one of the methods of how to magnetize metal you can use it as permanent magnet because the magnetized metal will possess same properties unless you demagnetize it. After getting magnetized, a metal will generate its two poles like other magnets. 

Generally this idea is used in magnet generator which has helped us in finding solutions for many problems such as consuming less time to do small works.


In our day to day life in home and at work we use magnetized metals those are not too much costly but if they do not work properly then it may lead to a big loss. After understanding about how to make magnet by finding magnetic metal and magnetize them or by other such means you should also remember these above mentioned important points to consider so that you will not face any issues regarding loss of magnetic behavior of the metal you magnetize. 

Metals after getting magnetized can easily lose magnetic property and it is very important to take care of them so that they do not lose their magnetic property and we can use them forever.


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