Parties are obviously a great fun and entertaining, everyone enjoys the parties as they get an excellent opportunity to show off their other side. There are many parties organized these days, the office parties top the list of all. To make your office party a pleasant experience you have to follow some office party etiquette. Here are some important rules that have to be maintained or in fact these are some of the things that you shouldn’t do at office parties:

5 Things to Avoid While Attending Office Parties


Don’t express your feelings without thinking

This is the first and foremost thing that you shouldn’t never try to do at an office party. You have all rights to express your views but this doesn’t mean that you should use the office party as your communication medium. If you happen to express your thoughts or views in public without thinking you will simply disappoint others and also come into the limelight in the negative side. In office parties, you should never ever speak about politics, cast or religion, these issues will surely land your career into a great trouble.


Never use your office party as your opportunity ladder

Just because your upper echelon management staffs are going to be present at the office party, it doesn’t mean that you can ventilate or use this as a way to climb to next position. Just because your seniors talk you at the party you shouldn’t take for granted that they have become your best pals. Never attempt to buttonhole the higher authorities or any other concerned people for getting your promotion or bonus or incentives. Keep your career away from such parties and converse with all people without any bias.


Refrain from drinking too much

Parties are the place everyone would love to hang out for as they can get drunk and enjoy, but at the office parties this logic doesn’t hold good, even if you happen to be a heavy drinker, you have to refrain yourself from heavy drinking at the office parties. A limited level of drinking is advisable, drinking heavily or too much at the office parties will only make a fool of yourself as you will become the subject of topic and gossip in your peer circle. If you are drinking, drink little.


Don’t over indulge in work topics

The common mistake that any employee or staffs does at the office party is to use this place as a hub and discuss about the office topics or workloads. Be careful about whatever you speak as your seniors and higher authority will come to know of your talks and gossips. It is always better to avoid talking about your work related things like work pressure, salary, leaves and so on at the office party.


A big no to sexual advances

At the office parties it is natural that all the ladies and girls will be wearing that may be attractive or luring, but if you are a men you have to hold yourself and not make any sort of sexual advances to them, or in fact you shouldn’t talk or gossip about their appearance or dress to others.

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