It's almost spring, which will quickly be followed by summer. It's a good time to check in with your child's teacher to make sure your child is in a good place. You've been going to parent-teacher conferences and checking homework, but do you really know how your child is doing at school. This is your opportunity to find out.

Part 1


Are Any Behavioral Issues That May Exist Improving?

This includes problems with other students, problems sitting still in class, and problems with focusing. Has her personality changed at all such as becoming withdrawn? Your child's behavior is just as important as her grades.


Is She Eager to Learn?

Does she participate in class with confidence and enjoy what she is doing? A child's love of learning can be squashed by a lack of confidence, so you'll want to always be sure she is comfortable and excited about school.


How Does She Engage With Her Peers?

What kind of role does she take on? It's great to know if how she acts at home is similar to how she acts in school. Is she a leader? Does she care about her peers? Does she show empathy and sympathy towards them? Does she cheer them on?


Do Her Grades Reflect Her Abilities or Is She Capable of More?

Even if your child has straight As, is there more she can be doing such as getting a head start on next year's school lessons?


What Can We Do Over Summer Vacation to Ensure She Is Prepared for Next Year?

No one wants summer brain drain. Talk about what you can do — from reading to math — over the summer to prepare her for her future schooling.

Children are always learning and changing. It's important to be aware of any changes in behavior or personality to ensure your child is on the right path for a bright future. And you should always be seeking out ways to help her skills and knowledge advance.


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