Hollywood glamour and glitz can be fleeting, here today and gone tomorrow. We can understand that celebrities need to find ways to remain in the limelight, but when is the line crossed and it starts becoming irksome? Here are 5 celebrities who are trying too hard (for various reasons), and could do with some reflection on what went wrong.

5 Celebrities Who Try Too Hard


Miley Cyrus

If there was ever a queen of trying too hard, it would be Miley Cyrus. Hands down. What happened to the sweet and adorable Hannah Montana that was so popular years ago? She has come a LONG way since then, and I don't mean it in a good way.

Don't get me wrong, Miley Cyrus has proved that she is a talented singer who can make her name in the industry for sure. But it is more of her behaviour which has served to smear her reputation over time. From twerking to constantly sticking out her tongue to the excessive show of skin, the list goes on and on. The common theme that emerges is: Miley craves attention. It has gone way beyond simply trying to shed her innocent image of old to show her new found maturity. Miley needs help.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum seemed to have it all: a (once) blissful marriage with Seal, supermodel looks and burgeoning net worth. But things have gone downhill for some time. Another who is not afraid of showing excessive skin (way, way too much), she needs to learn that there is more to life than showing off your youthful body seemingly untarnished by childbirth in all its glory.

And who can forget the Kali Halloween drama from 2008? That just reeked of poor taste and insenstivity.


Kim Kardashian

Her name says it all, there is really no need to elaborate. It's hard to take Kim K seriously when everything that she does just screams "LOOK AT ME!" She could already be considered a frontrunner when it comes to testing new grounds of controversy, when she dropped the bomb on the world with her full frontal nude photoshoot. No mother would conduct herself in that manner and hope that her daughter would be proud of her actions one day.

The one thing that she did do right was to get hitched to her attention-craving clone of the opposite gender, Kanye West. Now they can crave for attention as one, rather than vie for it.


Justin Beiber

Beliebers aside, it's hard to find another celebrity who polarizes opinion as much as Bieber. He certainly drives his fans crazy, while providing a constant source of irritation for the rest of the world. From abandoning his pet monkey in Germany, to his apparent tiredness shown when being carried by his bodyguards at the Great Wall of China, to his constant disagreements with his neighbours, Justin has shown himself to have de-generated since he first broke onto the entertainment scene as a precocious teenager. Sometimes, not trying so hard to make yourself appear cool can actually do the trick.


Shia LaBeouf

From the peak of his career as the lead actor of the Transformers series, Shia Labeouf has indeed fallen fast and hard. His behaviour over the years has become increasingly erratic and inexplicable, culminating in him becoming a victim of rape during his art exhibition called #IAMSORRY. What happened to the man was indeed unfortunate, but the art project not only failed to serve its purpose, but rather provided a further dent to his image before fellow collaborators stepped in to support his accusations. I get that feeling that there was so much more to come from Labeouf, but I wonder if that is still possible now.


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  • Good afternoonApr.17 09:10
    You're mad that Heidi shows too much skin? She's gorgeous, she has a right to show it. It makes you sound very jealous when that's all you have to complain about.
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