Movies are good for watching during leisure times. There are those people who are addicted to watching movies. Some of them will repeatedly watch movies which they watched decades ago. They do so if they find the movie to be interesting and not to lose relevance after that duration of time. Not all movies which are enjoyed at the hit are always remembered in a decade’s time. This article focuses on 1980’s movies which still linger fresh and excite memories in the minds of the viewers who voted.

Those movies are:

24 Movies of 1980’s Which Have Stood the Test of Time


Weird Science

It is one of the outstanding movies of all times which saw birth to several other movies. It is about two gentle men making a girl that they would have wished to have with the help of a computer.


Big Trouble In Little Chine

One would think it is about China the Country, but is about China the San Francisco’s town. It is about the social evil which takes place there. It indicates people of help by taking Kurt Russel as an example in helping some damsel who just got into trouble with the trouble makers of the town.


St. Elmo’s Fire

Brat pack graduates that leads to uncertain future. It was a breakthrough for shooting of other movies like Singles and Reality bites


Pretty In Pink

This is a movie about love cycle. The main actor, Molly Ringwald falls in love with some affluent person without the knowledge that she is loved by her closest friend.


The Scarface

It is about this refugee from Cuba who migrates to Miami. He is referred to as Tony Montana, and he became very wealthy at this town, courtesy of drug trafficking.


Full Metal Jacket

It is a movie about the U.S marines suffering from one battle to another. It has been stirred by Stanley Kubrick and it is one of the few movies with a good story line.


Die Hard

It is a movie based on terrorism, with the New York City Cop having a hard time combating it. In fact, the terrorists take charge of one of the classic and tallest building with his wife as one of the victims.


The Shinning

It is thrilling because of a father to a family who completely goes nuts because of the winter which made them to stay in a Hotel in Colorado, against his plans.


The Outsiders

It is an excellent piece of movie stirred by Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, and Ralph Macchio. Its being, has inspired the making of other movies such as the Karate kid.


The Lost Boys

Did you think that you are the first to hear about vampires in movies in this decade? These vampire concepts were their many days ago. This movie indicates Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, who are the actors fight against teenage vampires who have become a bother to residents of California.


Purple Rain

The Prince was the one who played in this movie. It gave a clear indication that he is more of a musician that an actor. It is a fiction movie representing his character.


The Goonies

Very inspiring stories about young adolescent children who are dedicated to any extend to ensure that their town is safe from the developers with the agenda of enriching themselves. In the process, the children who are friends, they realize a goal of looking for 17th century gold to safeguard its exploitation by these people.


Sixteen Candles

This is movie which is focused on a young Queen. This queen is lucky to celebrate her 16th birth day. The queen is known as Molly Ringwald.


Repo Man

It is a comedy movie. Most think that comedy started yesterday. They are mistaken, because, it is only pieces of work like this one which inspired the modern comedy. It is directed by Michael Nesmith with Hannry Dean, and Emilio Estevez featuring.



This movie was made to bring in the similarity of the then Vienna (18th) with Los Angeles in the 1980’s. It gives some of the beautiful scenes. It led to most other movies mimicking the concept.



It is one of the best ghost related movies which has stood the test of times. It led to scripting and acting of “Ghostbusters II”. There are four men who dedicate to war against the unknown ghost causing problems in New York City.


Fast Times At Ridgemont High

This is a movie that addressed the problems which the students used to face. It something real and something people, especially the students can identify with. It was about some high school seniors who had a turmoil time.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

The movie is one of the most thought. The movie is about a kid who was most popular in the world. He took some time off from the school, with his girlfriend, as well as with another friend who is very much emotional.


Raiders of The Lost Ark

The movie is about exploring the world in search of a mythical Ark of the Covenant. The better part of the exploration is done by a professor of archeology. This was based on the year 1936.


Stand by Me

Would you imagine finding a dead body when going for hike? Well these fiends, four in number found a dead body as they were going for hike. Want to know more about it watch it and get the perspective of Rob Reiner the director.


Blade Runner

It is a movie which forecasts on the year 2019, with Harrison Font as the main actor. He chases robots with the physic of the human beings.


Star Wars Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back

Most of the people who voted, they are of the opinion that, this is the most successful follow up movie that the directors of the franchise have ever made.


Back to the Future

It is reflective of the past, with flash back story. The actor who is a teen acting in 1985 takes us back to 1955. There, he shows us of how her mother wanted him to do and how he strongly refuted.


The Breakfast Club

High students who have very varied opinions, and who do not have anything in common are locked in a school. This forces them to look for a means of settling their differences.


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