With every joy comes some pain. When some were expectedly enjoying the moments in this particular day, there are others who had a hard time. “12 years a slave” participants were among the happy winners of the day. The actors who featured were more than happy to be associated with this movie. In the same event, some individuals were given awards other than the general one; for acting well. This is where some of the actors felt so left out, after expecting to be the winners of the day and fail to make it. Those who were chosen, they were more than happy and broke with tears of joy. There are other things that generally caused a different mood within the occasion. All that will be included in the article. These moments are highlighted below.

2014 Oscar: 25 Most Enjoyable and Awful Moments


Mathew McConaughey’s Enjoyable Moment

He was definitely one of the happiest people in this award event. Do you know what it takes to be named as the best actor? Years of experience and practice, that is what he had. That was a moment that lightened his soul and body. His acceptance speech told it all.


Enjoyable Moment For Karen O and Ezra Koenig Nail

It was a happy moment for both of them because of the “The Moon Song”. The beautiful voice of the lovely Karen, a moon background, and good rhythm from a guitar played by the featured Ezra Koenig saw them nominated.


John Travolta Most Awful moment

When others were celebrating, to him, things were different. He was disturbed of the trend a@AdelaDazeem. It was as result of him pronouncing Idina Menzels Name badly. He pronounced it as I-dee-nah Men-zel, John and he got in for hot soup.


Ellen’s Photo Trend Enjoyable Moment

Ellen was very happy to have made it with the most tweets of a classic photo that she had quickly gotten in companion with friends. The photo became a trend so swiftly in the social media, making her a highlight in the event.


Ellen’s Most Awful Moment

She ordered Pizzas to be brought for the crowd which was very hungry. As much as the people enjoyed the Pizzas, and as good as the idea was, it did not sell. That was awful for her.


Enjoyable Time For Pharrel

He won the hearts of the stars that no one would think of. Looks could tell that some like Amy Adams, Lupita Nyong’o, and Merl Streep were bouncing to the beat and dance. It was so a performance. Though, “Despicable me 2” belongs to the fifties, he performed it excellently and in the right theme. The crowd rose to the occasion, and that was wow for him.


Bono Enjoyable Moment Of Performance

His performance was highly welcome and appreciated by the crowd. “Ordinary Love” was the song he sung, it was well organized, with the proper instrumentation and timing. That made the crowd wild as he completed on his performance. He definitely must have enjoyed the moment too.


McQueen And Team Enjoyable Moment

He definitely was very happy to have them awarded for the best photo. It was indeed good after the much that they had done with the movie “12 years a slave”. Justice would not have been served if they were not called after representing a real issue affecting the society. Besides, he delivered it in the best way possible. Indeed, there recognition was one of the things that they would not fail to enjoy.


Enjoyable Time For Jim Carrey’s Wacky

He was all smiles, everyone could tell from the looks in his face. It is not an easy job to be nominated for such a category. He made it courtesy of intro to the Animation montage.


The Most Awful Moment For McConaughey And Novak

They are known to be movie stars, but when it came to awarding the best animated Film and short stories, they were just given because of the status and not performance. They were not outstanding at all.


Enjoyable Moment For Cate Blanchett

She was awarded during this event because of the role which she played in a movie scripted by Woody Allen. The role she played gave her the platform to be nominated. She thanked the director, and besides talked of what would not be much appreciated when she was at the podium. To her what mattered most she had got, and people not appreciating her while at the podium did not matter as much.


Most Enjoyable Time For Lupita Nyong’o

During this very occasion she was awarded as the best supporting actress. The speech which she gave indicated that she was happy indeed. The conclusion “… no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid” meant a lot of sense and met warm reception from the audience.


The Most Awful Moment For Hero Criteria

It was about the collection of heroes based on singular of real life representation. They did not use any other criteria.


Enjoyable Moment For Roll Call

The pictures displayed this time round in the event were different, and that gave it a difference which was effective. They targeted on the late great stars, giving fresh memories which were so good.


Bette Midler Most Awful Moment

When she sung, “Wing” she did get any reception. It is because she targeted herself not the crowd.


Best Time For Harold Ramis

He was named the Best Cinematographer. That made his day.


Enjoyable Time For Darlene

She won the award for Best documentary Award. “20 Feet from Stardom”


Most Awful Moment For Kevin Spacey

He was in for awards which were not given in the event. He left the audience with regrets of having watched his show.


Enjoyable Time For Jamie Foxx

He did excellent in the Chariots of fire.


Enjoyable Moment For Frozen Movie Participants

It was taken for best song in the way they did the acceptance speech, which rhymed. Good for them.


Most Awful Moments For Ellen

She did not satisfy the expectations of her audience. She had once opened with jokes in 2007, but this time round, it proved hard for her.


Enjoyable Time For Cuar’on And Team

He was awarded for being the best director, and with the team they got the Tech award for the “Gravity” movie they did on space.


Most Awful Moment For Idina Menzel

It was hard for her after having failed to control her vocals well, as she sung “Let It Go”.


Enjoyable Time For “The Great Beauty” Directors And Actors

It was awarded the best foreign language film. What a joy for them.


Most Awful Moment For Jennifer Lawrence

The audience where amazed at her unfriendliness when she stood to award the best actor. She surprisingly interfered with the joy the people had, just by asking why they were laughing.


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