There are lots of Hollywood stars that we adore, but it is a bit shocking to know that the celebrities that we look up to are keeping the secrets that they are gay. Probably, these Hollywood stars prefer keeping off the grid to keep a good reputation and respectability. The fact that gays have negative discernments from several critics of morality, some of the celebrities we didn’t know were gay are trying hard to keep their names unstained with the issue. On the other hand, some Hollywood celebrities are also open and very proud to let the public know that they are bisexuals, a gay. Well, here are the 20 movie stars you didn’t know were gay.

20 Movie Stars You Didn’t Know Were Gay


Amber Heard

Amber plays the role of CIA agent Vivi on one of the most anticipated movies of 2014, 3 Days to Kill. Her character portrays a pretty, sexy and mysterious CIA of a Secret Service agent who is given to take his last job (a role played by Kevin Cosner). She has done a good part on the movie, and everybody adores her, but did you know that she’s a gay? Lately, Amber’s issue of dating Johnny Depp and having a relationship with a handsome man made her on top of the headlines. Johnny Depp, after his break up with Vanessa Paradis, is now free and well-defined to engage on a relationship with Amber. That sounds very interesting as many people haven’t known that Amber’s early relationship before Johnny involves a gay-lesbian relationship. Yes. Amber Heard got a relationship with Tasya van Ree (artist and photographer). The two separated in 2011 and ended their gay-lesbian relationship and remained to be just friends, reports confirmed.


Matt Bomer

The popular actor, Matt Bomer, before he moved to New York for an acting career was once a football player of Dallas Cowboys. He got a long-time partner with two kids, but his fans were shocked as he reveals to the public that he is a gay two years ago. What is more shocking is when he admits that he got married to his husband one year earlier before his gay revelation. Yes. Matt Bomer and Simon Halls, who was a known Hollywood publicist, got married early in 2011. By February 2012, Matt publicly concedes his sexuality after receiving a prestigious award on the Desert AIDS Project’s Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards held in Palm Springs.


Raven Symone

Raven-SymonePearman is from Atlanta, Georgia. She moved to Ney York and works at Ford Modeling Agency. She started making movies in 1990 and became very popular and gained several movie projects. A recent surprising issue on Raven came out telling that she’s dating AzMarie Livingston, an ANTM contestant. Did you know that? It was early in 2012 when she admitted that she is a lesbian.


Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson started her acting career from an amateur group during high school. She got her break in 1993 on her first movie “The X-Files” as she play the role of Scully. It was during her first break when she met his husband, Clyde Klotz and got married on January 1, 1994. They got a daughter and living like a happy family. However, recent headlines are telling she’s a lesbian. Is it true? Well, she confessed during her shoot for Out Magazine that she experimented getting with women on her teenage years.


Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett is a good actor who started to get a break during his first soap opera “All My Children.” He also played a role as Aaron Samuels, Lindsay Lohan’s love interest on the movie “Mean Girls.” He is handsome, and all girls out there love him. Unfortunately, Bennett is a gay. What a surprise! Reports say he had a past relationship with Matt Dallas, and it was confirmed.


Ian McKellan

A good actor who has garnered several awards and nominations on the movie industry, Ian McKellan is still shining on his career despite his senior age. It is just shocking to know from headlines that he is a gay. He spokes up last February that no man ever came out to be a gay and regretted it. He encourages all gays to come out and join the human race whether they are priests, politicians or actors.


Sarah Paulson

Is Sarah really a lesbian? Sara Paulson plays the role of a lesbian journalist on the “American Horror Story.” Rumors also came out that she is a real lesbian from which she was linked with Jessica Lange, but Jessica denies an affair with her co-star, Jessica Paulson.


Portia de Rossi

Having a wonderful talent, would you believe that Portia is a gay woman? Yes. She admits it. After dating Ellen DeGeneres, she took her first step to spoke up on public admitting that she is a gay woman, though she doesn’t want to be a lesbian, and she is nervous to be a lesbian.


Annie Leibovitz

Who would ever thing that the popular photographer Annie Leibovitz is a lesbian? Yes, she is, and she is proud about that. She has been a photographer of several famed magazines and got engaged with Susan Sontag, who was a popular feminist and writer. Their relationship was not recognized on public not until the death of Susan it came out.


Lady Sovereign

Louise Amanda Harman, popularly known as Lady Sovereign is a good English rapper that has been noted with professional success from her styles in the music industry. Her fans got a shock when she officially admits on an issue from Diva Magazine in 2010 that she is a gay woman. Well, if she is happy about that, then, she must be happy.


Matt Dallas

Is Matt Dallas now engaged to his boyfriend? Wow! Matt has just announced that he is now engaged to his boyfriend, Blue Hamilton. He was also linked to Jonathan Bennett for having a relationship earlier. This issue could be a big disappointment to all his female fans, but he is happy being a gay.


Suze Orman

Probably, no one, knows about it. The popular financial guru and a good speaker, Suze Orman, is a gay. She started talking about gays, gay pride and gay advices to young teens. Now she’s giving her full support on gays as well as gay marriage.


Nathan Lane

The 40-year old, award-winning American actor, Nathan Lane is said to be a gay. Would you believe that? Ellen DeGeneres asked him on her show early in 2007 about the issue. Lane said that he was young when he admitted he was gay to his parents. When he was 21 years old, his mother was happy to know that his son is finally seeing someone. Unfortunately, Lane is seeing a guy, not a woman.


Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto started a good career in acting. He was given a big break in 2009 where he played the role of Spock in the Star Trek movie. He is popular with a lot of fans but will his fans still be his fans when they know that he is a gay? After playing a gay role on an AIDS-era drama, he outspoken gay issues on him and admits that after eight months of playing a role, there is a feeling left in him that has a very big impact. He is happy that a gay marriage has been legalized in New York.


David Hyde Pierce

David Hyde Pierce is one of the casts in “Frasier” who have been very secretive about his sexuality and private life. Do you know that he is a gay? It was 2007 when he outspoken and confirmed that he is a gay. He was linked with Brian Hargrove for a long term relationship.


Ricky Martin

Are you a fan of Ricky Martin? Do you know that he is a gay? The popular music artist is confirmed gay on his confession on the public on 2010. He is proud of it and he would love to announce it again, he told Kyle and Jackie O in Kiis FM last year.


Cynthia Nixon

Popularly known from her character role in “Sex and the City,” Cynthia Nixon is a proud bisexual. She didn’t hide it on the public, and she has a wife, something that her fans doesn’t know about.


Victor Garber

Everybody was surprised when Victor Garber came out with a serious joke that he has been off the grid for long and reveals he is a gay and has been dating and living with his long-time partner Rainer Andreesen.


Jason Collins

It is just so surprising how he became a gay. He supposed to be engaged with Carolyn Moos, but Collins surprised the whole world as he reveals he is a gay. He is the first sportsman from NBA to come out proudly as a gay.


Jonathan Knight

No one expects that New Kids on the Block (NKTOB) is a gay, but he confirms it on their band’s official website that he is.


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