Here is a list of overrated actors.

Part 1


Ryan Gosling

A lifetime member of the “Wood Pack,” he has one talent and that is tiresomely trying to look pensive while doing the 1,000 yard supposedly prosaic stare. That’s it. That is the extent of his acting abilities. He is a walking cliché; a listless, unemotional, lobotomized prop.


Bill Murray

This guy has been on “mail-it in” autopilot for decades, sleepwalking his way through movie after movie, and somehow convincing people it’s all brilliant and genius. It’s the same awkward sarcasm of a guy living on a reputation established more than 30 years ago and gets away with it because anyone who criticizes him gets browbeaten into submission by fanatics who have convinced themselves Murray is a cultural icon, when he is no such thing.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Someone get this guy some laxatives, because that “I got a poop blockage” look needs to end. He still looks like the same goofy, wimpy kid we saw in “10 Things I Hate About You.” He needs to take his eye squinting like he is blind acting back to acting class, or just invest in some glasses.


Sean Penn

He is humorless and all that intense authenticity is a sham. His performances are a redundancy of pained expressions, feigned suffering, and contrived seriousness that just comes off as narcissism. He is also preachy; no one likes preachy.


Will Ferrell

If you’ve seen one Ferrell movie, you’ve seen them all. It’s all immature jokes stretched to the breaking point and beyond. You’re almost obligated to laugh because that’s what the hipsters are doing. It's shoddy comedy made for grown-ups who haven’t yet passed through puberty.


Vin Diesel

This guy is the President of the “Wood Pack.” He is so plywood a cardboard cutout would steal the scenes from him. He is a muscle bound acting dunce who delivers every line in the same soulless monotone voice.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Every movie it’s the same brow furrowed look of constipation and boyish looks that make it impossible to take him seriously as anything but an angst ridden teenager. He cannot do chemistry with leading ladies and his best acting job was Arnie Grape.


Jaden Smith

The epitome of a nepotism epic fail. He frowns so much his forehead will be severely creased by the time he hits his 20's. He always looks lost, frightened, and worried his dad won’t be there to bail him out.


Vince Vaughn

It’s the same fast-talking, obnoxious, bigheaded shtick every movie out, until he reaches an epiphany moment that in the end seems to justify his donkey attitude throughout the film. We get it, you think you’re funny, but joke telling is about quality, not quantity Vince.


Channing Tatum

A founding member of the “Wood Pack,” wet cardboard has more talent and ability to express emotive responses. It’s all six-pack abs and muscles with this guy which will make the girls swoon, but it doesn’t mean there is talent and if there is, it’s hiding or running from this extremely poor-mans, Brad Pitt.


Samuel L. Jackson

This is NOT Laurence Fishburne! Acting 101 by Mr. Jackson. Talk really loud. Misquote the bible. And swear, all the time, even in situations where no vulgarity is needed. It’s jumped-the-shark and just causes eye-rolling boredom at this point.


Josh Hutcherson

He’s the male Kristen Stewart. The boring glower, frowning and vacant open mouthed stare while delivering his line devoid of all human emotion has grown tedious. You can understand Katniss’ aversion to loving Peeta. He is exasperatingly needy.


 Seth Rogan

Oh, hey, look at me, I’m stoned. I’m high. So cool. Watch me get baked and make teenager jokes about being really high. You get the idea. Trashy bathroom humor and lots of drugs.


Tobey McGuire

He just always looks like a sickly, crybaby weakling with a high-pitched voice who just produces guffaws when he attempts to do anger. He totally destroyed the Spiderman franchise, so much so it is still lying in rubble despite the reboot.


 Christian Bale

An honoree member of the “Wood Pack.” His best work was done behind a mask and he was consistently the second best actor in those movies. There’s an underlying arrogance to his performances, which rely on histrionics, a husky voice and berating the crew. It’s all very embarrassing and unnatural.


Bradley Cooper

He has acting chops; unfortunately, those chops do not extend beyond being an egotistical jerk. He can fool the girls with his looks, but the rest of us know the truth. He is a fraud.


 Robert Pattinson

So, you can play a sparkly, pasty, moody, emo-vampire. What else you got? Nothing? Well, I guess you can always rest on the fact that you convinced millions of tweeners that stalking your love interest is a good idea.


 Adam Sandler

All the good will he built up from his SNL days has been squandered. It’s turned into shallow goofiness on purpose. His new movies are an experiment to see how awful he can make a movie and still have people pay to watch it, and there are suckers born every minute.


Sam Worthington

The first entrant in what I like to call the “Wood Pack.” He is more wooden than a log cabin. Even Pinocchio has more range of emotion. Sad, angry, fearful, doesn’t matter, Sammy grunts his way through.


Robert Downey Jr.

Acting like an arrogant, unlikable Summers Eve pouch is his go to acting method, and he goes there often! The only thing that changes is that sometimes he wears a suit, and putting on a suit is the extent of his range as an actor.


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