All of us watch a movie to enjoy. It is rightly said that the joy watching a movie is found nowhere else. To watch movies, we need to spend some time out of our daily busy life; in return, we expect some good entertainment. Sometimes, we expect inspiration from the movies we watch. Today, most of the movies follow a streamlined story, which we can easily guess. But there are some movies that change the course of the story within a fraction of a second. We cannot even believe the change of the story. We have listed down such 13 movies that change the storyline in a single scene.

13 Movies with Instant Story-Flip


Killing Them Softly

Killing Them Softly is a movie that really doesn’t make sense until you reach its end. This is such a movie that everyone would like to watch again and again. The movie has brilliant casting of James Gandolfini and Ray Liotta on the perfect roles; they portray the role of gangsters.In the end of the movie Brad Pitt gives his monologue although very abruptly. It has the perfect timing, whichprovides the perfect environment for Brad’s final words.



The movie, Sideways, took the works of Alexander Payne to a different level in 2004. This movie is funny and along with being funny; it is a good friendship story too. The story goes on nicely till the end, which depicts building of the relationship between Paul Giamati and Thomas Haden. The movie showcases them as being so different in all aspects from each other such that, we cannot even make out how they could be friends. At a scene, Jack breaks down completely, and this scene changes the storyline of the film.


Zero Dark Thirty

The movie Zero Dark Thirty has many scenes where the movie suddenly turns too dramatic. The scene when the black screen opens up with the sound of 9/11 is one of the best scenes of the movie. Another point that grabs our attention and changes the storyline is CIA’s battle against Al Quaeda and the way it reflects in the life of Maya and her seniors.


The Cabin in the Woods

The movie, 'The Cabin in the Woods' was indeed one of the most surprising movies of the last decade. They promoted the movie with the commitment of being a slashing artwork. Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whiteford are two memorable characters of the movie. At a point, when there is dull back and forth around, suddenly gets an interruption from a loud horror sound, and the title appears on the screen. This scene is good enough to give laughter and curiosity of whether it was really needed.



50/50 is a movie portraying the life of Adam, the lead character. The movie shows the reality of the lead character’s life – every aspect of his life is noticeable here. Adam is a cancer patient in this movie. The movie narrates Adams life story and his cancer, an extra burden on everybody surrounding him. The movie changes its track at the hospital, where Adam gets his surgery; it gives us a heart-wrenching feeling.


127 Hours

Most of the people would refuse to watch '127 Hours,' as the movie depicts some torturous scenes of a person and serious of events he undergoes for almost one and a half hours. The climax of the movie shows a scene in which the man uses knife to cut off his own arm with a knife while stuck inside the hole. The scene is good enough to engage most of us in the movie. At the end of the movie, it touches our heart and only a director like Danny Boyle can make such master artworks directed.


Inglourious Basterds

The Inglourious Basterds is one of the best movies by Quentin Tarantino. It is probably the best creation by him. From the very beginning, we see a tactical move for a new brand – the restraint in the movie. The movie provides some tension throughout its duration to the audiences. The scene at the opening of the movie shows a great performance by Christop Waltz. We have never seen this kind of movie start by Quentin Tarantino before.


Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading is a movie that makes us familiar with the direction of director duo – Joel and Ethan Coen. After you finish watching the movie, you’ll be able to understand their direction better than before. Burn After Reading is a good movie to watch from beginning till end. Once can better define the cinematic philosophy of the directors at the end of the movie. A fact conveyed by the movie conveys is – money can motivate people, but it also gives us trouble.



Once is an Oscar winning movie. And probably it won Oscar for a single scene, and the movie deserves an Academy Award in reality. The movie is about the connection between two people who just met. The movie has all the detail of the connection between those two. The scene that changes the story is the meeting of an unknown girl and a boy, they walk in a music shop, till then they do not have that much of an impression to be bonded to one another.


In Bruges

In Burges was one of the most popular movies of the year when it was released. In Burges, is a movie about two hit men. Until the climax, we do not get to understand that, the two friends are facing a tragic moment of life; full of terms and their need to fulfill them. The story reveals a tragic story of those two friends and their life afterwards, which flips the movie completely. In the end, we face off their relationship, loyalty and sacrifice.


The Place Beyond Pines

Derek Cianfrance directed the movie ‘Place Beyond the Pines,’ after his classic Blue Valentine; this movie was expected to be the sequel of Blue Valentine. But in reality, it was nothing like that; rather it has its own unique storyline. The faceoff between Avery and Luke, two main characters of the movie just leave us spellbound.



Sightseers is a dark comedy by Alice Lowe and Steve Oram. Tina, the female lead, leaves her mother for one week. She joins her boyfriend, Chris on his caravan, on a trip around the countryside of England. Chris is a traveler and writer. And the scenes are dazzling to change the storyline of the movie.


From Dusk Till Dawn

The movie From Dusk Till Dawn tells us the story of two brothers, Seth Gecko and Richie Gecko. They are bank robbers. A scene shows that they have done it wrong at the middle of one robbery. The Fuller family crosses their path. This is the flip of the movie that is full of violence till the end.


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