Asking good truth or dare questions is a great way of bonding with someone. The fact that it helps break the ice is just an added advantage. It will help you understand the other person’s behaviour, their deepest darkest secrets and also their reactions while put under pressure. At the same time, good truth questions lets everyone involved know more about you, something which may never happen if you are an introvert. Here is a list of good questions for truth or dare.

12 Interesting Truth or Dare Questions

What Is the One Thing That Scares You the Most?

We are all afraid of something and that is the basis of our next good truth dare questions. This question takes a lot of courage to be answered, since the person answering knows that their weakest points are going to be revealed. It is one of the good truth questions for guys, because men themselves off as macho, but now they will have to reveal what scares them. If a person does answer such good truth questions, it simply shows how much they trust in you.

If You Had the Ability to See a Single Day in the Future, What Would It Be?

This is probably one of the best good truth questions there is. If you do not know much about the person and are wondering what your stand is regarding him/her, then this question will definitely solve your dilemma. It will help you understand if the person is selfish or selfless. It is one of those very good questions for truth or dare, because it gets everyone thinking.

Is Money the Most Important Thing to You?

There are a number of right answers that one can think of for this particular good truth question, and well, ‘yes’ isn’t one of them. This is one of the good truth questions for guys and girls. More often than not, people generally tend to prioritise a lot of things before money. It is one of the good truth questions for girls, especially if they are asking this to their partners.

Are There Any Guilty Pleasures That You Indulge In?

One of the cheeky good truth questions, this will help break the ice instantly. We all indulge in a guilty pleasure every once in a while, it may be a really soppy song or even a children’s movie which you still enjoy. This is one of those things that can be asked to a friend, partner or even family, and whatever is the answer, you are bound to enjoy it. This is the only way to get a person to admit it, since no one really ever tells this about themselves.

How Long Have You Gone Without Bathing?

This question is gross indeed and it is possibly too much information to indulge in, but nonetheless, it is a fun one as well. This is one of the good truth questions for guys, because well, they tend to go without bathing a lot longer than girls.

Who Is Your Idol?

This is one of those good truth questions that get asked quiet often, but it never gets boring. It is fun to know what the person is like on the inside, since the person he/she looks up to can tell a lot about them. Also, it shows how the person will shape up in the future, because chances are that they will take after their idols a little.

If You Could Visit Any Place on Earth, Where Would It Be?

This is one of the good truth questions for girls because, if a person you are asking this question to is someone you would like to explore a relationship with, then this will help make you understand if you have made the right choice. The answer will help you figure out if the person is laid back, loves art, loves to seek an adrenaline rush etc. Another one among good questions for truth or dare, that will make you think.

What Would You Do, If You Could Be Invisible for One Whole Day?

This good truth question will help reveal the true colours of everyone. It will help you separate the cheeky people, from those who have hearts of gold. A crazy question to answer, it is bound to bring forth some really crazy ideas as well, and will also help lighten the mood. It ranks among the good truth or dare questions, because it is fun.

What Was Your Very First Kiss Like?

Awkward!!! Although it is in the lost of good truth questions, it should feature as a great truth question, since it happens to be a little too awkward. But everyone is expecting (rather dreading) questions like these. Besides, this is a harmless little question that everyone will enjoy, while the person who is answering blushes a deep red.

Who Is Your Most Trusted Confidant in This Room?

Tread with care with this question, as it may hurt feelings of some of those present here. Include this in your list of good truth questions only if you know, that none of the people present will be offended by whatever answer is given by the person. Make sure that you know the answer to this question as well, since there is a possibility that it may come back to bite you. Somehow it seems as one of those good truth dare questions.

What Is Your Favourite Movie?

This is possibly a question that has been asked for several years, and there is a good reason behind it as well. It tells you a lot about what the person likes or dislikes. Another good truth questions for girls, as the answer to this question will not leave a bitter taste afterwards.

Whose Body Would You Like to Swap Yours With?

We are rounding off our good truth questions list with a cheeky one. This is bound to bring out some wacky answers, not to mention laughs. You can use it, to lift the tempo of the room as well, in case you think that it is getting a little too boring.


Hope you have enjoyed all the good truth question suggestions mentioned here. Now you can go out there, armed with questions and use them against everyone to have a good laugh. But beware, everything that you ask might end up being asked to you as well.

Good truth dare questions are great if you are introducing strangers to each other because it helps in bonding. So always be prepared with a set of good truth or dare questions.


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