If you are like me and watch a lot of movies then there is a fair chance to encounter a new beast every now and then. Let’s admit it, there are movies that are fascinating, adventures, exciting, romantic, tragic and so on.. And then there are some that can make your brain hurt!!.It would only fair to share these bizarre and bewildering movies with you.

11 Movies That Can Make Your Brain Hurt



So you think that you have seen every movie as it relates to the ever wondrous subject of Time travel. Well think again!!

Very rarely does one come across a low budget movie which would make your mind boggle like Primer does. Who would have thought that an old garage could be the holy mecca for time travel? This story revolves around a group of engineers who accidently succeed in unraveling the mystery around time travel while working on an entirely different problem. The result – A complex story that happens in different timelines and would leave you clueless even if you jot down notes while watching this movie. I ended up reading the entire story on wiki and then joined the dots as I watched the movie for the fifth time!! Overall Primer is glaring testament to the fact that a low budget movie can easily make a dent in Hollywood’s time travel genre.


Cloud Atlas

This is a movie that will leave you awe-struck and confused at the same time. The plot is very puzzling with multiple timelines intertwining to create a story that seems to simultaneously happen in the past, present and distant future. This movie deceptively obvious at times and a few moments later a twist in the plot would shatter your entire understanding of the series of events that have led to the present moment.


Holy Motors

This movie does not contain any jaw dropping scenes that are typical to big cinemas houses such as the Wachowskibrothers, still it will not only keep you engaged but will also make you scratch your head a number of times throughout the movie as you try to figure out the hidden meaning behind the bizarre scenes in this movie. There are scenes where a man s eating plants or working on a motion capture script in broad daylight. Many critics have expressed their opinions of what they think is the inspiration behind shooting such bizarre scenes. Guess the truth will never be known.


Mulholland Drive

Do you dream? If “Yes” the have you dreamt about transforming your dreams in to a dream sequence that forms a movie which drifts between dreams and reality. Confused? Well this is the jest of Mulholland drive. This movie deals with depicting multiple scenes where the cast seems to cross the lines between the dream realm and reality a number of times. At time it is nearly impossible to ascertain whether what you are seeing is real world or dream sequence.


The Tree of Life

This is a lovely movie that has everything that you might expect in a visually appealing movie. It has got beautiful trees, beaches, inspiring natural surroundings, babies, kids and Sean penn. All these piecesare put in a huge bucket and then churned until they convert to an enigmatic movie. Some scenes in the movie would transform you to heaven, while some other scenes would leave you scratching your head. The cinematic and beautiful visuals in the movie seem to hide a deep secret which is still uncovered.


2001: A Space Odyssey

This is not only a pioneer movie when it comes to the sci-fi genre but is also one of the complex movies of all time. Even if you have done your homework and understanding the far-fetched truth behind the monolith and the visiting aliens, there are still plenty of scenes in the movie that would leave you tongue tied.


The Fountain

This might be one of the most gorgeous movies ever made. Never before have I seen a movie that portrays love, compassion and the reality of death in such a beautiful way. This movie goes to great lengths in explain the universal truth about eventual demise of all mankind. The lead protagonist drifts between dream, reality and amazing visions and takes you on a journey which is visually enthralling and equally puzzling.


Synecdoche, New York

Watching this movie is like travelling through a maze. After watching about halfway I had lost complete track of which scene is tied to reality and which is happening in an alternate reality. This movie has central characters and then some actors playing the central characters. The most interesting part of the movie is that while you may be confused trying to figure out the movie the director maintains an eerie grip on the screenplay.


Donnie Darko

This is an innocent teenage movie until it turns to something which is bizarre, scary and a figment of imagination that is not easily forgotten. There are many scenes in this movie which would be itched in your memory forever while you struggle to figure out what really happened in the movie. Donnie Darko is indeed dark but in a subtle humorous way.



To say that Dogtooth is a crazy movie would probably be the understatement of the decade. This movie is not only difficult to describe in words but is equally testing for the brain. You may be stuck with many questions that will linger in your mind for years after watching Dogtooth.


Enter the Void

If you consider still images shown during a movie to represent a spark or rather an idea then Enter the Void is nothing less than a kaleidoscope. This movie exposes you to the world of drugs, hallucination and blurs the line between sanity and insanity. This movie would leave you in a trance for a couple of hours after watching it and is an audio sensory experience which would stay with you for a long time. To try and understand this movie is like trying to form concrete shapes using clouds, this one is to be experienced and not understood.


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