There are many filmmakers who believe that twists can certainly make the movie appealing. The fact is that if the twist is capable of arousing curiosity and is arranged with great care, then it can do a high favour to the movie, while the ones that are performed out of childish thoughts can literally damage the whole movie. There are many movies which are good in its storyline, casting and also the presentation, but introduction of an untimely and immature twist have killed the merit of the movie. Here are some of such tragedies on the silver screen.

11 Great Movies Ruined by Weird Twists


Remember Me

Released in 2010, 'Remember Me' is concerning a gentleman who leaves the home because of his businessman father as he is the explanation behind the suicide of his sibling. He meets Ally, who is the traumatized daughter of an overprotective cop. The movie continues with both of the injured souls attempting to mend one another. The frightful twist in the film occurred when the actor named Tyler, in the movie arranges to reconnect with his father. He bites the dust in the twin tower attack, and the twist is truly a gloomy and has destroyed the entire movie wretchedly.



"Signs" is about the disenchanted former – priest, who is striving with the death of his wife. He observes many unusual things happening around him and also he will find the animals behaving in a peculiar way. The whole movie is around this mystery that later reveals as the aliens invade the earth. The twist of the movie is that the words said by his wife at the time of her death turns to be helpful in fighting with the invading aliens. God is also available in the later part of the film for making plans in fighting with these invading creatures.


The Dark Knight Rises

Recently released in 2012 "The Dark Knight Rises" comes from Christopher Nolan. The movie is all about batman’s attempt in helping the citizens of Gotham, who are under threat as they are entirely under the control of mercenary bane and Selina Kyle. The batman uses his power to get the people escaped from the mishap. The weird twist of the movie happens when Mir and Tate stabs him telling that she is the daughter of the villain Ra, who was there in Batman Begins. It makes the movie wretched.


India Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

'India Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is all about the returning of an archaeologist into adventure along with his son for preventing Russians from getting control of the artifacts of soviet soldiers that have super powers. He was given the responsibility of preserving the possessions of these soldiers that include crystal skulls at the time of war. The weird twist of the movie is when the interdimensional beings start communicating when skull is placed on its head, and it also takes away the life of Spalko, who wanted to transfer the knowledge they had to her mind. The twist was undesired and destroyed the movie.


Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was released in the year 1983. This is a movie that has many stars included in it. The movie is about the attack made by Jedi Apprentice and Rebel Alliance against Palpatine’s evil emperor and his attempt of making a death star for crushing the whole rebellion. Luke comes to know there is another sky walker except him when he visits Yoda, the Jedi master who was about to die. Later in the movie, he is also told by the master that he has a twin sister who is princess Leia. The twist in the movie occurs here, when the romance of Princess Liea and Luke ends with a seemingly no reason. It is a complicated and mysterious twist that killed the whole thrill of the movie.


I Am Legend

"I am Legend" throws light to New York City that is invaded by mutants who have turned like vampires after using a virus for curing cancer. These zombies kill 90% of the sound population. Robert Neville is the virologist who endures from these mutants and is trying various experiments in finding a cure for this virus. He is also wandering here and there in the city to find immune humans, and he finds out Ethan and Anna. The weird twist of the movie comes when Robert hands over the blood sample of a woman that has become neutral with the virus and costs his own life to saves Anna and Ethan for making the mission come to reality. Killing the main character of the movie is absurd and does not make sense thereby turning down the whole idea of the movie.



"Savages" is the story of two pot growers who lived in California, and both of them were desperately in love with O. She also loves both the men equally. Mexican Cartel leader Elena enters their life and kidnaps O in forcing the pot growers to do business with her. They get the help of Dennis, the DEA agent for saving their girlfriend. A huge fight is shown including the firing and at the end of which Ben of the pot grower becomes wounded. O and Chon, the other pot grower, gets intentionally overdose. Then Elena explains that this was just a day dream but in real O was arrested for 30 years and the pot growers were sent to some island to live the rest of their lives as savages. This is a depressing ending which takes away the colors of the whole movie.



"Brave"is a story of a princess Merida, who has no enthusiasm toward wedding a prince of an alternate family as her mother wishes to. She polishes arrow based weaponry and other stuff instead of the things related with womanhood. She converts to a witch for modifying her destiny. The twist of the story is the point at which the princess gets the assistance of a neighbourhood witch for changing the psyche of her mother and her mother transforms into a bear. The entire story is then about her endeavour to spare her mother from the condemnation.



"Splice"is a story of two genetic engineers who are ambitious and trying to make a new species uniting human and animal DNA and create a hybrid creature. They try to hide and then kill the creature they made, but it returns as male and rapes its biological mother and then the story ends when Elsa the genetical engineer finds herself pregnant. It was cool to see the creature's evolution throughout the entire film. The gender change of the creature was weird and made the story a mess.



Saw is a film in which two men are shown in a jigsaw prison. One has got a clue to escape from the bathroom while another one has to kill the other to keep his family alive. The weird twist of the movie is that dead body that was laid between the two prisoners was the jigsaw killer. The movie ended with this improper twist.


Now You See Me

This is a movie based on a group of four magicians who do robbery during their shows and distribute the money among the public. An FBI agent and a detective are trying to find the beneficiary of the activities of this team. The magician buster Bradley is imprisoned for being the beneficiary of the team. Then the FBI agent reveals that he is the one behind the robbery, and he was taking the revenge of his father who was killed in underwater stunt while he was trying to regain his credibility that he lost when Bradley exposed him. All these above mentioned movies could have been exceptional without these crazy twists. A large portion of these movies was made on incredible plot independent of these turns that executed them.


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