Of all the stains you could ever have on your clothes or any fabrics of value, blood stains are the worst. You might be thinking you are the only one who is in need to know about these simple and easy ways on how to remove blood stains but you would be surprised to know that people who are interested in knowing about removing the blood stains vary from professionals like butchers, chefs and sportsmen to thugs or murderers. Although we don’t approve of using this knowledge to cover your tracks if you are from the latter category, the knowledge is sacred and we all want those stubborn stains gone for good. Besides bloodstains from whatever the source there may be if not treated within 24 hours are really hard to get rid of and it is advised to take the right course of action in time.

10 Tips on How To Remove Blood Stains

Here are 10 tips on how to remove blood stains:

Apply Cold Water

If the bloodstain is just fresh and you are have spotted it instantly, cold water normally is enough and will easily remove the stain, even slightly warm or normal tap water can do the job but you have to be cautious of using hot water as it might make it more difficult to remove the stain. As a matter of fact if you are here looking for tips on how to remove blood stains the stain has probably settled.

Salted Cold Water

Normally if simple cold water is not helping you remove the stain, get a step further and apply salt to the blood stain with the help of a brush and rinse in salty cold water. Then apply laundry detergent to clean it off. How to remove blood stains if stain is not lifting this easily?

Use White Vinegar

If the stain has not yet set on the fabric treatment with common white vinegar will remove it without much effort. Simply pour some full strength white vinegar on the stain and then rinse it in cold water. Repeat a couple of times, but if the Blood stain persists you need some more hardcore tips on how to remove bloodstain.

Laundry Detergent + Ammonia

If stains are persistent and won’t go away with cold water or vinegar, probably because you couldn’t notice them while the blood stains were fresh, try using water diluted solution of laundry detergent and ammonia. This tip has been found very effective on how to remove blood stains and works on many common fabrics like cotton, nylon and silk like a charm. You need to soak the fabric in the solution and rinse it gently. The stain will be no more.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen per oxide may come in handy while treating the wounds when it comes to treating the stains as well. 3% hydrogen peroxide that is available at home in the 1st aid kit will remove the blood stain anywhere on the fabric, floor or furniture. This is more hygienic way as well but the only catch here as well is that the blood stain is fresh. If the stain is on carpet, apply Hydrogen peroxide and let it evaporate, repeat the procedure if necessary.


We all get some bruises while playing out doors. A little blood may get to the cloth and ruin it in the long run. How to remove blood stains if you are out door and cannot access the household remedies as mentioned before? You can simply go to a grocery shop and apply the cola on the blood stain. This will simply dissolve the stain away and the only stain left behind will be of cola, which is not of an issue and can easily be removed with application of cold water or some detergent when you reach home.


This tip is on how to remove blood stains might sound a bit orthodox but it lifts the bloodstain without being worried about it. All you need to do is apply a water based paste of corn starch over the stain and let it dry. Once dry scrub it off the fabric and rinse it in cold water to clean it up. You will be surprised to find that there is no stain at all.

Talcum Powder

Of the many common households talcum powder is one that can help you in getting rid of blood stains in specific. Fabric is not the only thing that can get a blood stain. How to remove a blood stain if other household like furniture get it? This is simple and much similar to previous tip, all you need is common talcum powder, make a paste of it and apply it on stain. It will lift the stain up when dried. Brush the power away, and wash it if it is fabric, else cleanse the surface anyway convenient.


You can apply WD-40 which is a common household multi use product. Simply spray the fabric witch blood stain on it and let it dry. Then go through the cleansing methods starting with cold water. Even the stickiest stains can be removed if this routine is followed.


Finally the most easily available option for anyone living anywhere, with or without family or other household remedies on How to remove a bloodstain is Toothpaste. Simply apply the toothpaste and let it dry. Then scrub it off and clean it with cold water. The blood stain will be gone for good.

  • Never let it dry on your watch. For if a bloodstain gets dried, it is more difficult to get rid of.
  • Act as quickly as possible unless you don’t love the fabric of course.
  • Hot water will make it worse, always use cold water.
  • Hydrogen per oxide is volatile and will evaporate if bottle is kept unclosed.
  • Don’t forget to boast your expertise on how to remove blood stains.

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