The success that comes with a movie sees the small bits which clearly came out as bad ignored as everybody chants praise for the film.

When a terrible line features in a movie however, it sets all the previous scenes lose their hold on the viewer, much like a scratched compact disk would. We thus have to acknowledge these bad lines, and give it out raw to the big films, regardless of the general feeling.

Here are some ten terrible quotes that came out really bad in some of the greatest movies produced.

10 Terrible Quotes from Great Movies


North by North West (1959)

“I never discuss love on an empty stomach.”

“You’ve already eaten.”

“But you haven’t.”

The level of concern the people had back in 1959 is what contributed to this completely meaningless line, at a glance.

Ernest Lehman’s, the writer, original line would have seen the lady telling the film’s protagonist, Roger Thornhill, that she didn’t make love with hungry men, quite a good answer for a woman looking to toy with the guy.


Superman: The Movie (1978)

“Can you read my mind?”

There was nothing wrong with the context within which this monologue was delivered, but rather with how it sounded. The chemistry between Reeve and Kidder would have in fact made it sound spectacular had Kidder not gone out of the moment.

Simply put, the monologue didn’t sound natural at all, transforming viewers from the world of fantasy to reality in a flash. This was definitely a bad mistake in such a great film.


Jurassic Park (1993)

“Your investors, whom I represent, are deeply concerned. Forty-eight hours from now, if they’re not convinced, I’m not convinced. We’ll shut you down, John.”

In essence, this sentence should have been broken down into two. A glance at the dialogue implies that the investors’ displeasure will translate to Donald Gennaro’s (the lawyer sent with the band of dinosaur experts to ascertain the safety of the proposed dinosaur park) displeasure.

It’s totally wrong; it should be the exact opposite.

The lawyer, when giving the deadline, however points to the dinosaur lawyers ahead of them in another jeep, casually using a pen in his hand, the reason as two why these should in fact two separate sentences.


Titanic (1997)

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

It would be safe to say that there are few movies out there greater than this. It rocked the world, going even to the most remote of parts. It was indeed a masterpiece made so by a writer responsible for several other great movies too.

The speech served its purpose to keep the talk interesting and relevant to the film’s course of events, but it made the film’s heart of the ocean’s necklace seem over-used.


The Matrix (1999)

“He’s… a machine.”

This speech is usually an answer to Morpheus’ question about how Neo is performing. The crew informs him that he, Neo, is actually performing great considering the fact that he’s gone without the essentials, food, drink and sleep, for quite some time. Simply put, they describe him as a machine.

This however comes out all wrong considering that in their world; the machines are not only their arch enemies, but their doom, everything wrong with their world.


Gladiator (2000)

“Why is he still alive?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well he shouldn’t be alive. He vexes me… I’m terribly vexed.”

Does is come as a surprise that this line came from the film’s object of hatred and wrath? Well, it’s quite a coincidence.

These words are uttered by the emperor Commodus when asking about the reason behind Russell being alive. There is in fact nothing wrong with the words he utters; it’s the abrupt ending that’s wrong. One would express the proud emperor to express his hatred for the captain in a much deeper and longer manner, in a speech fit for the kings of old Rome.


Batman Begins (2005)

“Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?

I won’t kill you. But I don’t have to save you.”

Coming from Batman, this is an outright terrible line. It is a speech meant for good, but just from the wrong person.

It is addressed by Batman to his mentor, Ra’s al Ghul, a guy who believes in murdering so long as it contributes to the greater good, and intends going on doing so. Batman utters this to him, making it known that he won’t team up with a murderer killing in the name of good.

Give it a better thought however and you’ll see this is exactly what this guy does.


Spider-Man (2002)

“Deliver us – [Green Goblin bursts through the wall] – DELIVER US…”

“Finish it! Finish it!”


Part of a movie’s success is determined by how natural it seems to be. Despite it being completely set up, it shouldn’t look or sound so.

Green Goblin lifted spider man’s position as a modern day hero higher, making this one of the best movies back in 2002. This dialogue however spilt what would have been a beautiful scene.

It was just when Green Goblin threw all care and courtesy to the wind, deciding to get the “little bug” right at his home when sitting down for a meal with his aunt May. Coincidentally, this was the time prayer was being said, and more coincidentally about the evil part.

The very line thatwas intended to paint the Green Goblin as evil made him look ridiculous at that moment.


There Will Be Blood (2007)

“I’m your brother… from another mother.”

The best too can make faults, and ugly ones at that. Paul Thomas, a renowned writer and director responsible for sending many actors reading from his script to the spotlight, didn’t perhaps think twice of how this would come out to the public.

The problem is not with the speech but rather with the period of time when it was spoken. Back then, this wouldn’t be considered normal, yet it was spoken regardless, and with much ease at that.

It nonetheless made the point clear, but in a disturbing manner.


Man of Steel (2013)

“They say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.”

“I think that only applies if you’re kissing a human.”

The first thing with this dialogue is that it expresses a scene in the movie that’s considered so cliché it took part of the modernity from this film.

The other thing odd about it is that it seems to send signals of pride from the iconic hero considered as a completely good and honest guy. It may have been put in as a casual and humorous line, but it unfortunately didn’t come out so.


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