Netflix announced on Monday that come 2016 they would debut in 2016 as Fuller House for 13 episodes. Needless to say the internet was broken at the news. I know that many twentysomethings, their parents, friends, siblings and children are excited for the return of this pop culture classic. So let’s breakdown the top 10 reasons to excited about Fuller House.

Part 1


The originals are back!

The press release says that the show will begin with a reunion episode. Imagine seeing the entire cast back in one place? While the original adults will mostly be guest stars, it’s hard to think that they won’t be in every episode.


DJ is the new Danny.

Let’s face it this plot is giving me all kinds of #TBT vibes! DJ Tanner-Fuller is a widow?! She’s also a vet with three kids and is moving into the old house? She’s a widow?! Wait she didn’t marry Steve? Wait a second. DJ is totally the new Danny! That makes Stephanie the Jesse! Oh wait them Kimmy is the new Joey? Is it 2016 yet?


Candace Cameron-Bure is kind of super hot.

She’s all grown up! From coming in 3rd place on Dancing with The Stars and becoming one of the faces for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel with fellow Full House alum Lori Loughlin; the world hasn’t been blessed with enough of Candace Cameron-Bure.


More Life Lessons.

Danny Tanner was the man. He was the dad that let the lessons be learned and always knew what to say. Now his daughter has kids of her own in the crazy world that is 2015. Imagine all the life lessons she will get to adapt for her own kids.


The Olsen Twins?

They have to be a part of it, at least one of them. I get that Mary-Kate and Ashley have been busy running their fashion empires, but come on we need to have Michelle Tanner on the show. If all else fails someone call up Elizabeth Olsen and get her to play the part.


The cast are real life friends.

If you follow the cast on Instagram (I know I do!) then you know that they’re friends in real life. Form birthdays to just hanging out, that off screen chemistry is going to be amazing on screen.


There is no other show like it.

Turn on the TV (or Netflix) today and the landscape is the same. You have your modern families, you have your ethnic families, heck you even have your supernatural families. But there really never will be a family like the Tanners.


The one-liners/writing.

From “You Got It Dude!” to “How Rude”, the writing was always spot on. Let’s not forget about the time Stephanie gave us all life by redefining what a horoscope was. You have to be excited for the potential one-liners to come in the new series.


Michelle Tanner: Twentysomething.

Face it, she’s going to be exactly like you’d imagine. This is the girl who nearly murdered her piggy bank for ice cream, understood the importance of chocolate chips cookies and through shade better than any real housewife ever could. She has to be a part of the show, Netflix listen up!


The Theme Song.

I can’t wait to see what the theme will look like next year! It has to follow the original opening.


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