It is always good to discover some movies that can make you think and go wild with your imagination.There is no enjoyment in watching something that conveys the message very directly. It is not exactly what somebody expects from a movie, right? We need a movie to linger in our mind for some time and make us think and then understand what the movie is trying to convey. Here are some of the movies that can pull you mind back and then get the mystery unveiled after watching it.

10 Movies That Can Make Your Mind Go Wild



This is the movie that got released in the year 2002, and it was made based on the work “The Orchid – Thief,” written by Susan Orlean. It can be considered as a great struggle made by Kaufman to make the nonfiction work of Orlean get adapted for the full screen. The movie turned out to be something much different and unique of its own. The twin brothers of the movie make a great deal for the plot. The movie was thought provoking, and it got nominated in Oscar for the incredible piece of art created on the silver screen.


Being John Malkovich

This is a movie that was released in the year 1999. It was directed by Mr Spike Jonze, the same director of the movie Adaptation. Screenplay was done by Charlie Kaufman. This is a mindblowing movie that can take you to the deeper thoughts of the actor's mind. The role of puppeteer in the movies is handled by Jonh Cusack and he starts living inside Malkovich and then converts him into a world-renowned puppeteer. The movie is a complete mess and makes your mind also to get messed up to the maximum extreme possible.


Black Swan

This is a movie from the great director Darren Aronosfsky. This movie is capable of blowing your mind with the tale of a young dancer that is inspired by classic. The dancer makes so many sacrifices for carrying out her role in the career. The transformation of the actress in the end of the movie is really provoking. Black swan is a movie that is indeed a visual treat and is a drama that makes your mind go out of your control and wander in the world of art and madness.


Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a movie that has incorporated many things in it, but the highlight of it is time travel. The film is not direct through any angle, and you may find it arduous to follow any part of the movie if you are watching it the first time. You need to focus and lock yourself to the rhythm, and the tone of the movie for getting the things unveiled which include the stuffs related with eternal sacrifices, death and time. This is a movie worth watching and can keep your mind busy for a longer time than you thought.


Fight Club

One of the enthralling movies of all times "Fight Club" hit the Hollywood box office in the year 1999. It was a movie from renowned director David Fincher. This distinguished director has always played the unusual and the rare rules to make his classics."Fight Club” movie is based on the novel of Chuck Palahniuk that deals completely about the struggle of man with himself. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are dual personalities that form the centre of the story. This is a masterpiece on the silver screen from the director that can make anyone keep thinking. The movie can make you spare some time to think what exactly the director is trying to communicate. This movie can help you in enjoying in an excellent way.



Released in 2010, ‘Inception’ is the one with the maximum number of climaxes among the list of the movies that can upset your mind. The movie is all about the dream chasers who try to go deep into the subconscious mind of the subjects. This is a thrilling story that can look much pragmatic, and it can hold your breath with the overwhelming elements in it. The film can end up making you think what can happen if somebody chases your dreams. Your thoughts can go wild with this movie but it is an exceptional movie as well as it can be disputed by some.



This is a movie from the same director who is behind Inception, Christopher Nolan. He has noted inclination towards creating movies that can make your mind messed up. This is the movie that is about a guy who has lost his short term – memory. He tattoos all over his body the clues related with the murder of his wife. The movie can be exciting, thrilling and make your mind go frantic. There are so countless circumstances in the movie that can make you go on your toes. The combination of thrill and playing with the mind makes this movie worth watching one.


Mulholland Dr

This is a movie from David Lynch, who is familiar in working on weird projects. The movie talks about the life of a struggling actress. The film presents the mind of an actress who tries to change roles and goes through different personas in her life. The whole movie can be thrilling and keep you inside a thrilling sensation and also can make you think on and on. You need to spare adequate amount of time in understanding about the movie well. Mulholland Dr film, all in all is an unimaginable one to watch.



This is a movie directed by a person who is an expert in making mind messing movies who is none other than Ingmar Bergman. He is also popular for his other debuts like Mulholland Dr and Black Swan which are other movies that play with your minds. Persona is the story of a stage actress who loses her voice during a performance and is sent to take a rest. She is taken care by a woman who never stops speaking, and the film ends with their roles getting complicated and get inverted.


Sixth Sense

This movie was released way back in the year 1999. An influential highlight of the movie is the death of Bruce Willis. It also has the elements of depression and yearnings that can directly go into anyone’s mind.

All the above discussed movies use the core components of mind to reason and hold back the viewers get stuck with the movie. The hangover created by these movies in the viewer’s mind is a great factor to consider that can talk about the effectiveness of the movie.


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