How does it sound getting caught in a time loop? Tom Cruise starrer sci-fi movie, “Edge of Tomorrow”, where he played the character of Bill Cage got trapped in a time loop. He is eternally trapped on a day when an alien invasion has threatened to blow away humanity. The characters in the movie face some excruciating circumstances, which is extreme since they are trapped in a time loop. Imagine what will happen if some of the other favorite films of all time that do not use this plot device are infused with it to make them more interesting? Here is a list of such movie days that you would not want to relive ever due to the extremity from which the characters suffer.

10 Movie Days That Would Be Too Much To Relive

These are just some really miserable film days that nobody would want to relive in a time loop. This list is surely not all-inclusive as there are more movie days that are bad enough to be able to live even once. And reliving those days is simply out of question.

Die Hard

Christmas Eve is supposed to be a fun filled event, as families and friends come together to commemorate the festivity with delicious food and exchanging gifts. However, the same is not applicable for John McClane (Bruce Willis). For being a New York police officer in the groundbreaking McTiernan’s action film “Die Hard”, he engages himself in a combat with a terrorist group whilst attending a Christmas celebration party in LA. McClane has to fight Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) and associates, creep through elevator shafts, push his body to the extreme limit, step of rubbles of broken glass and what not. He was leading a one-man army and was the only hope of Nakatomi Plaza. Though he emerged victorious but it would be too much to endure all of these on a daily basis.



Henry Hill (Ray Liota), no doubt lives a fascinating life as an important member of the mob in “Goodfellas”. He is on cloud nine being able to fulfill all his dreams and commanding respect of everybody around him. However, like most Scorsese’s mortality plots, something very serious emerges towards the end of the final act of the movie. The final moments of Henry as a mobster were shown in furious style and relentless pace by Martin Scorsese. Here the hero was shown having feeling of frustration, paranoia and sense of loss of control since he was followed by helicopters constantly. He nearly gets into an accident and finally ends up in jail. This is something nobody would want to face every day.



It is hard to tell who would suffer the most due to time loop in the movie “Alien” as it seems every character would suffer a painful and agonizing end every time. Kane (John Hurt) is going to suffer the most since an infant alien would always be coming out of his chest. Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) and Parker (Yephet Koto) are going to experience some close encounters every day, which they did not like even at the first time. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) being trapped in the time loop would have to deal with the emotional distress of losing friends along with overwhelming sense of vulnerability.



The award winning movie “Gravity” is surely a great film to watch but being in the same situation every day is not something one would want. Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) was seen floating aimlessly in the vacuum, which is enough to have a feeling of emptiness in the stomach. Dr. Stone sure has an amazing story to tell but all the while she had to deal with faulty equipments, low oxygen tank, debris popping out every 90 minutes. It is unimaginable to be trapped in time loop in such situation.



“Collateral” is about a psychopath killer, Vincent (Tom Cruise), who hijacked a cab and made its driver, Max (Jamie Foxx), his hostage, to drive through the whole of LA in order to kill all the witnesses of a murder being investigated by FBI. Max has become the ignorant accomplice in numerous homicides, having to deal with intense emotional distress at the same time. Moreover, he has to take things in his own hands in order to save his lover Annie (Jada Pinkett Smith) who was the last target of Vincent. All these would be too much to even think of more than once let alone have to live this life every day if trapped in a time loop.


Training Day

“Training Day” is all about Det. Alonzo Harris’s (Denzel Washington) evaluation of the rookie cop, Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) for 24 hours to ensure that the latter is what he is supposed to be. Harris takes Jake on a tour of the shady Los Angeles underbelly. Jake had a tough day as he had to encounter different drug dealers, deal with Alonzo’s eccentric behavior and have to fight for this own life for a couple of times. Being police office is not an easy job but having to relive this kind of day every day is something nobody would sign up for.



There is no way one can even imagine getting into a time loop when the movie “Devil” is concerned. Trapped in an elevator for unspecified time limit with supernatural forces causing damages by hurting or killing people is too much to take. It is going to be a living hell if anybody has to go through the same events every single day.


Do the Right Thing

The film “Do the Right Thing” is about racial tension set in one single day, which is considered as the hottest day of the year. The day unfolds to offer many more unpleasant things than the unbearable heat, ultimately leading to the unfortunate death of Radio Raheem (Bill Nunn). A lot of things happen in between like the pizza place owned by Sal (Sanny Aiello) being destroyed, relationship turning sour, etc. There is no way somebody would like to experience a day full of unrest continuously for many days being trapped in time loop.


Quick Change

It is quite a day when even after successfully robbing a bank the characters Grimm (Bill Murray), Loomis (Randy Quaid) and Phyllis (Geena Davis) had to face a lot of obstacles before they could finally escape New York City as shown in “Quick Change”. It would be extremely traumatic if somebody has to face misplaced street signs, communication mishaps, getting lost and facing mobsters all at the same day and the same things repeat for several days together.


Night of the Living Dead

Being trapped in a horror film like “Night of the Living Dead” time loop is going to be a tiring as well as a miserable experience. Even though you know how to defeat the monsters, it is going to be tedious to defend yourself over and over again. It would take a toll on your soul and body making you turn into zombies that you were fighting all these time.


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