We all love watching videos of different types. Be it action stunt videos or emotional ones, we just can’t help to click the play button for some of the most viewed videos. But some of the videos are so heart-panicked, that you’d probably want to miss them. Although we wanted to include some stunt videos in our list, but we guess stunts videos are just very common that can panic hearts. So we have creepy videos that you can’t watch beyond 20 seconds.

Some of the videos were so devastating that they were banned by YouTube for safety purposes.

Below we have chosen 10 videos that many have probably skipped after watching some part:

(Note: Before proceeding, please make sure you are not a heart patient or pregnant, as some of the videos can be really dreadful)

10 Most Heart Panicked Videos

ISIS Beheading Video

The ISIS beheading video where terrorist beheads a journo while chanting the religious hymns is by far the worst video I’ve ever watched. It is beyond cruelty, and crosses all the boundaries of brutality. Watching those vindicating videos would make even a stone-heard crib, but the inhuman doers are deprived of humanitarian soul. Most of the beheading videos are so painful on eyes, that many cannot watch it completely. There were some reports of mental disturbances in people who watched these barbaric videos. Many of such videos have been taken off from YouTube from safety purposes. We tried hard to find a video in which a man’s head is chopped off like repeated attacks until comes off the body.

There are some archives that still boasts of this insensitive video which is better to skip than watching it. We do not have any video clips for the same but you can google it on the net.

Creepy Tape Found In Croatia

This video was made in Croatia where two teenagers are being chased by a strange looking person, probably looks like an extra-terrestrial. There were speculations that the video might be fake, but the two boys have been missing since then for any clarification. The video was found to be fake after the clinical tests. However, the kind of creepy person that follows the young teens looks really horrible & that was the reason many people have felt heart-panicked while watching this video.

The stunt videos always make heart skip a beat, but we found this unusual video that is a unique one, notwithstanding its fake.

Horrible Car Accidents

Although this is not one of those outright stunt videos, this one be the closest to it on this list. There are lot of accident videos on video-sharing websites that can make anybody uncomfortable. Most of the accident videos are so awry & dreadful, that one wants to miss them. The trucks colliding a car, the motor bikers getting crunched under heavy vehicles, the vehicles falling from cliff and exploding are some of the videos that will make you cringe. No compassion-filled heart loves watching accident videos. I don’t understand why most of such videos are accompanied with fearful music, maybe to invoke a deathly feeling.

Footage Showing The Brutal Beheading Of A Civilian In Idlib

This video is again very barbaric in nature. The complete bizarre video where a man is begging his killers not perform such horrendous atrocity on him. The man is seen pleading and that would make driest of hearts melt. There is the dialogue between him & his killers in Arabic language for the most part of video. In the end, his throat is sliced by knife in most inhumane manner.

The humanity is being exposed at the most contemptible state. When we hear about beheading, we can’t even watch those videos & the people there have actually been suffering from such fierce acts.

Real Beheading Video

Most of the videos that we have included in our top 10 list contain such ferocious beheading videos as they are the most likely ones that you’d probably give a miss. Such acts are very not very kind ones & some people cannot even watch it for few moments. This video is one of the most horrific I’ve come across. A chill of horror runs down the spine every time I watch this. The way the boy is treated worse than an animal is really heart-panicking one.

If this didn’t disturb you, probably you are missing an organ called heart.

Worst Vomiting Compilations

Now this is something of a digestive disorder that results in puking. Medically, puking is good for health as it ‘cleans out the system.’ But you’d definitely not want to watch worst vomiting compilations. If you watch this video, you might even get an urge to pour that yellow chemical liquid out of your mouth. Although it is funny in some ways, it is outright filthy and you’d feel to miss this one.

Now if you call vomiting a stunt, then you are watching one of the filthiest of stunt videos.

Autopsy Of A Female Dead Body Of Hanging

Post-mortem videos are not that fun to watch. Either they are educational, but surely not a source for entertainment. This video of post-mortem of a female dead body by the doctors. Although it’s like any other post-mortem videos, the watching open orifices of her body would make anyone uncomfortable.

Before the operation gets over, may weak-hearted would click the stop button. No, this video doesn’t come under category of stunt videos as well.

The Tenth Muharram Video

This is purely religious video. On the tenth of day Muharram (the first month of Islamic calendar), Shia sect of Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam Husain, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, by slapping one’s chest and backs with swords and iron bars as a way to depict their grief. Posting any personal opinion may create controversies, so staying away from that, look at the video which can be among people’s miss list. Beating one’s chest can be classified as stunt videos, not sure?

Sex Change Surgery – Male Transform to Female Gender

The video is for educational purposes on transsexualism from male to female. The penile skin is being replaced with vaginoplasty. This is basically a sex reassignment theory, where male genitals are converted into female genitals with the help of surgery. When I watched this video, I felt so disgusted that I decided to skip it. So it ends up here.

Well transforming a gender is no less than a stunt in itself. So yeah, you are watching one of those medical stunt videos. (LOL!)

Crucifixion Christ Videos

There are plethora of videos of Christ crucifixion in his last moments which are very disturbing in nature People have been heart-panicked with oodles of tears flowing out from their eyes after watching the state of Jesus Christ.

Some of the Christian missionaries have even demanded to pull of crucifixion videos as they are too graphic in nature.


It requires a ruthless heart not just for creating such stuff, but for viewing such heart-panicking videos. Most of the videos are not meant for the faint-hearted. These videos are known to affect people’s psychology and bring out the worst in them. Repeated viewing of such content is not recommended as it can have negative impact on mental health.

Although you might have been expecting some stunt videos on this list, we discovered that these videos are more heart-panicking than the greatest of stunt videos. Also, you might get to watch some different genres of videos. But after having a brief at these videos that include beheading & such atrocity, would you call yourself a fearless and very strong hearted person?


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