Have you ever tried watching a movie and you end up asking what the movie is all about? Isn’t it ridiculous and annoying right? Well, nobody wants to watch a dull movie. Frequently, movie viewers look after the substance of the movie rather than the stunts, actions, or the special effects applied on the movie. Though some peoplelook after the casting of a certain movie, prior to it is the substance. Of course, everybody wants to spend time watching on a movie that is not a crap. What makes sense of watching a movie when you don’t get the idea or the message? Sometimes, we just can’t ignore the fact that crap movies do exists and even if it ends in a very irritating story, we can’t do anything but to say, “Okay, that’s it. It ends like that.”

10 Most Confusing Movies of All Time

You might have experience watching not only one, two or three crap movies. Well, there are lots of movies out there that are really hard to figure out. Below are the 10 most confusing movies of all time:

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey comes on a classic taste of movie. The movie was customized from Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. The movie seemed so dull to watch with its long scenes with poor dialogues. The movie has a trippy visuals that makes you wonder what’s going on the movie. What’s worst above all is the ending of the movie. If viewers won’t get the plot, the more is the ending. It ends with Dave Brownman, the astronaut dashing out on a psychedelic kaleidoscope. He suddenly transformed into a giant space baby. They call it “Star Child.” From the start up to its ending, the plot of the movie is hard to figure out. Perhaps, it is a movie of clichés. Watching the movie will only give you big disappointments. If you are planning to watch it, you will only waste your time.


Donnie Darko

From the direction of Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko2001 portrays a story related to hypnotism. Well, the story focuses on a teenager who got problem of sleepwalking at night. The movie include a character of a demonic rabbit that tells the world is going to end in days, hours, minutes or seconds. Well, viewers would get confused if the movie is a horror one. Somehow, it just sounds funny to portray a demonic character on a rabbit. This classic movie is hard to understand. It probably needs a theoretic mind to understand the story.Good thing that a director’s cut in 2004 was released that somehow gives a little clarification on the plot, but still the movie is confusing.



Directed by the popular Christopher Nolan, it’s such a big question how this movie didcome out to be so confusing.Probably, it isbecause the movie issequenced into a chronological order. The movie casts includes guy Pearce, Carrie Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano. The plot is interesting. However, there are some subplots that make the story confusing and out of the nowhere. The main story focuses on Leonard Shelby who is looking for justice into his own hands by finding one of the men who raped and at the same time murdered his beloved wife. The problem is, as he goes along on finding that man, he got amnesia, which is a subplot that turns out the main focus of the story. It’s hard to figure out what will happen on this movie.



Watching the film will leave you wondering what’s on the director’s mind in producing such weird movies like this. David Lynch produces the Eraserhead with a very confusing plot and setting. It is just so strange to create a film that comes with unrealistic tales that includes characters of a gigantic sperm cells, a chicken that stream out blood, and a woman with a big swollen cheek. If you are going to watch the movie, you would probably ask, what makes sense for this ridiculous movie? Some viewers won’t get into its ending and just leave halfway. Lynch was asked to give explanations about his movie but he just refused.


End of Evangelion

End of Evangelion is a movie developed with magnificent effects and an interesting storyline but many viewers still finds it a crap. For the satisfaction of the viewers, an extended version of the movie was created by Hideaki Anno entitled, “The End of Evangelion” giving fans hopes of changes and a better sense in the movie. However, everybody is left disappointed. The climax is not interesting from which Shinji goes insane. Is it a twist in the story or just a crap?



Taking 10 years before its debut, Primeris one of the most confusing movies that you shouldn’t watch or watch with the sharpest mind. Well, the film was developed with a very low-budget of just $7000 and maybe it’s the main reason it wasn’t developed well. The story focuses on two scientists who build a time machine. It’s hard to get the main point of the movie and watching it may require you to read a lot. It could only be a disappointment.



This movie is one of the worst that can crack your skull out. Watching it will only give viewers some headaches. Well, the movie, Pi, is one of the most confusing movies that will only make you disappointed for watching. It involves characters of a mathematician, Max Cohen, is obsessed with numbers that makes everything explainable through the use of numbers. It is a crazy movie. If you don’t want to get insane, better don’t watch it and rather sleep.


The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolution could be one of the most anticipated movies everybody would always want to watch. Unfortunately, the movie only disappoints all its fans. It got a very confusing ending that viewers do not expect. The climax of the story is a crap as it ends with a puzzle. Well, you’ll be left with questions if you are going to watch the movie.


The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life focuses on the creation of earth, the origin of life and the destruction of earth. It supposed to be a must-see for everybody, but the movie contains some subplots that are hard to figure out its meaning. It deals with mystery and a sort of tales. Something does not coincide with the climax as the conclusion portraysdeath and resurrection, which contradicts to the start of the story.Viewers will get confused what is really the message of the story because it started with the creation of earth to its destruction, and the climax came out with death and resurrection. Some says it’s crazy and not worth to watch.


Mulholland Drive

Another David Lynch’s piece of work, Muholland Drive is a movie with a critical storyline. It contains unnecessary subplots, which makes the story hard to understand. If you do not want to get crazy understanding this creepy movie, then, you must not watch it.


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