Virus thriller movies play on our deeply held fears of disease and isolation. Often taking place in the future or in a time when humanity is on the verge of extension, the stories we are going to share are tales of human spirit and how it can be compromised by fear and panic. Here we present you a great list of virus movies you can’t miss.

10 Great Virus Movies You Can’t Miss

This list of virus movies is ordered by release year. Enjoy!

28 Days Later (2002)

This post-apocalyptic thriller sees Cillian Murphy running through the deserted streets of the United Kingdom, trying to avoid death by zombie-like people who are infected by a mutating virus called the rage virus. Isolated in a coma for 28 days, our hero does not succumb to the epidemic and soon finds that there is isolated human resistance trying to get to safety.


I Am Legend (2007)

"I Am Legend" takes place in a post-apocalyptic city, New York, where a virus has infected humanity, turning them into homicidal monsters. Will Smith plays the hero who is searching for a cure, using his own resistance to the virus as the starting point.


Cabin Fever (2002)

This tale of wilderness and isolation sees characters Jeff, Bert, Paul and Karen be set upon by a virus-ridden forest wanderer in the middle of their quiet wilderness retreat. The interloper further contaminates the local area by jumping into a stream that supplies water to the local area, escalating the threat posed by the virus.


28 Weeks Later (2007)

As the sequel to 28 days later, this virus thriller takes place back in London where the survivors are struggling to be reunited with their loved ones. This movie continues with the story of Don and Alice, a married couple who get separated when Don leaves Alice with an infected child. Presuming her to be dead, he is surprised when their children find her alive. But she has been infected, and when Don kisses her, he is also affected by the virus.


Outbreak (1995)

This virus thriller deals with the global concern of airborne pathogens and deadly virus pandemics. The USA has been exposed to a deadly airborne virus that is killing vast numbers of people, and the virus is spreading incredibly quickly, but there are still small isolated areas that have not yet been affected. Colonel Daniels is given the difficult task of keeping a small town safe from the imminent threat of virus attacks.


Contagion (2011)

This global epidemic story shows that the danger of a fast spreading deadly virus is not just the danger posed by the pathogen itself, but the panic caused by the increased threat. The global medical community strives to find a solution in the face of widespread panic as humanity fights to survive this fast spreading and deadly viral threat.


Children of Men (2006)

Set in a time of global infertility, "Children of Men" shows a grim picture of a human race close to extinction in the year 2027 when the UK is under martial law. When a woman mysteriously and miraculously falls pregnant, it falls to a former activist who is marred by personal tragedy to keep her safe for the period of the gestation and delivery through the perils and chaos of war and disease.


[REC] (2007)

This movie is about a virus outbreak that starts when two firemen respond to a distress call from an elderly woman locked in her own home. The horrific consequences are captured by reporter Angelo and cameraman Pablo who are filming a reality TV show featuring the firemen.


Doomsday (2008)

The terror of a lethal virus pandemic is explored in this thriller, where the British Isles are being quarantined from the rest of the globe when the Reaper Virus takes hold, killing hundreds of thousands. The quarantine plunges the countries into chaos and panic; the virus succeeded. And 30 years later, the Reaper virus resurfaces. A group of specialists are gathered and required to retrieve a cure from the inside of quarantine. 


Carriers (2009)

"Carriers" is yet another post-apocalyptic virus movie. Fleeing a viral pandemic, a group of friends fight to survive along their chosen escape route to an isolated and secluded beach in the Gulf of Mexico. Their journey is jeopardized, however, when their car breaks down and they are forced to fight to survive the most dangerous viral outbreak in the history.


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