When American Pie first hit the big screen, it pretty much brought the graduation comedy genre into a much more crude generation. The jokes were dirtier, the action more heavy-hitting and the whole thing leaped forward for high school comedies across the board. Have there been comparable movies since? Of course, and here are the other 10 movies like American Pie.

10 Great Movies like American Pie

These 10 great movies like American Pie are ordered by their release year. Enjoy!

There's Something About Mary (1998)

With a brilliant soundtrack and its bizarre storyline, this Farrelly brothers’ comedy tells the story of Mary who almost captures the hearts of pretty much everyone she meets. She’s a solid gold diamond and it’s Ben Stiller’s character in particular that falls hardest for her, though when Lee Evans gives out his true identity a little later on…You really get to learn the scale of the mess they’re all in. The most iconic scene of all is undoubtedly the hair gel…you know the one!


Road Trip (2000)

Maybe the closest movie ever to American Pie in terms of cult classic appeal and success, Road Trip tells the tale of four buddies who embark on a 1,800 mile epic journey across the country to make sure a girl doesn’t see a certain tape. As soon as the starting scenes go, let’s just say after watching, you’ll never look at French toast the same again!


EuroTrip (2004)

This movie took the American Pie vibe to Eastern Europe and gave the generation of kids a chance to visit this particular part of the world. EuroTrip would probably be offensive to millions if it wasn’t that hilarious, but let’s just say when one of the guys finally hits it off with a hot girl in a nightclub…Well, this is one pickup he won’t be telling anyone back home about!


The Girl Next Door (2004)

Isn’t it a dream for every teen boy to have a porn star girlfriend or at least an ex-porn star to move in next door and fall madly in love with? It’s about as farfetched as it gets for sure, but that’s just what happens to Emile Hirsch in The Girl Next Door. But suffice to say, it’s not what you’d call a conventional love story or a fairy tale, so don’t say you weren’t warned!


The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005)

This is a modern classic that’s still so fresh even almost a decade later. In this movie, Steve Carell basically lives a life of celibacy without actually wanting to. His buddies know nothing about it. When they find out that he still is a virgin, they decide to help him get laid. But prior to that, a series of adjustments to his hair and body are needed. Once you’ve seen the famous chest waxing scene, you’ll probably think twice about going through the same process!


Superbad (2007)

Superbad proved that when you have a talented storywriter and have a killer cast, even the most cliché can be made into a brilliant movie. Yes, it’s about getting booze for an underage party and yes, it’s about the underdog getting the girl, but the way these kids putting on a show from beginning to the end is something else. And when it comes to McLovin hanging around with the cops, it’s a ride you won’t forget for some time!


Knocked Up (2007)

In many ways, Knocked Up is more like an evolved and mature take on the American Pie theme as it’s not nearly as childish as some of its counterparts. In fact, it won serious kudos for bringing a touch of maturity and morality to the genre as it deals with the ins and outs of accidentally becoming a parent and having to take responsibility. Still, the killer cast delivers big laughs throughout. 


Sex Drive (2008)

Sex Drive tells the story of a typical high school virgin who decides that the best way to meet a hot girl is to lie about who he is and what he looks like via an online dating site. And it works, but when the time comes to go and meet her in person, he realizes that the girl would see through all his lies. The only solution he comes up with: steal his brother’s GTO and impress her so much with the car so that she doesn’t care what he looks like. Yeah, good luck with that!


Project X (2012)

Described as a parent’s worst nightmare come true or the Superbad on crack, Project X tells the story of a group of friends decide to organize the biggest party the world has ever seen and succeed. You simply cannot imagine the scale of the event when things start to go a little out of hand and it even makes the national news. Still, along with the big laughs, it’s a bit of a cautionary tale which is based on a few similar events that happened in real life!


21 Jump Street (2012)

21 Jump Street tells the story of a high school loser who decides to be a cop. He’s about as cut out for the tough stuff as a newborn puppy, but he quickly realizes that his brain backed by the brawn of the right partner could make for a lethal combination. Our hapless duo may mean well, but for the most part they end up being more of a two-man comedy show than a valuable addition to the city’s finest!


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