In this article I have compiled a list of 10 gay YouTube couples, whether you're looking for someone new to subscribe to or just wondering who is out there, here's the list.

10 Gay YouTube Couples


Mark Miller & Ethan Hethcote

Mark and Ethan are very creative with their videos, choosing great music and filming at different angles making an interesting video to watch, they go on many adventures together and use their creativity to tell their story well, they are definitely a couple to check out.


Mitchell Moffit & Gregory Brown

Mitchell and Gregory make science videos together on all sorts of interesting topics such as one of their videos, titled "Why do you forget their name?" They are definitely a couple to check out for your weekly dose of science.


Billy & Pat

Billy and Pat are vloggers who have shared their journey getting married and being in a relationship, they also do other fun videos such as going to new places and trying new foods.


Dan & Brian

Dan and Brian vlog their adventures through life and do various YouTube Tags, Q&A, and advice videos, they are another couple that are definitely worth checking out.


Luke & Vinny

Luke and Vinny, who are recently married, make lots of fun videos, tags, challenges and allow you to get to know them better.


Jake & Christian

Jake and Christian make many videos on gay related topics with their goal of showing that you can have a normal healthy relationship even if you are gay, they also make entertaining challenge and tag videos.


Will and R.J.

Will and R.J. vlog their day to day life demonstrating how normal gay life can be and allow you to have an insight into what their daily life is like, and what struggles they may face.


Brian & Jay

Brian and Jay make weekly review videos on the latest news and update their subscribers with events in their lives, they also do a monthly review with their kids where they discuss news and give updates on their kids.


Brandon & Seth

Brandon makes various videos from skincare and beauty, to videos like "what's in my bag," and vlogs as well. Him and his boyfriend also do various tags and challenges together.


Matthew & Michael

Matthew and Michael are a couple that met on YouTube and now make videos together, they make a wide variety of videos from vlogs to challenges and tags, as well as hilarious skits.


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